Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Writers and the quiz dunce

Funny dreams last night – I dreamt I was walking down our road, but it was in the Jurassic period, so there were huge numbers of strange leaves and trees instead of houses, and dinosaurs playing in a field. With other people. Odd indeed. I must remember not to work till 11pm too often. Mind you, it wasn’t frightening – just rather unusual. But what does it all mean?? I dread to think.

The first frost on the car today, groan. However, noble Lord H had already scraped it off by the time I came out of the flat, so he gains huge numbers of Husband Points, which I’m sure will last right till next year. Still ruddy cold though – but I accept he can’t do much about that. In fact, it’s so cold that I’m sitting in the office wearing my scarf and fingerless gloves. Amongst other items of clothing of course. If I want to go to the loo, I have to add my coat and hat, and run like crazy before I freeze. Hey ho. The exercise must be doing me good.

Meanwhile, we’re all gearing up to tonight’s office quiz. And we already have a proposed team name: Central Team Totty. Not sure what the boss will think though … However, it’s certainly better than some of the other names we came up with, which modesty forbids me to mention. Ho ho.

I have the last of the University Writers’ Group meetings of the year this lunch hour, so I’m hoping that will go well, ie that people will turn up and bring something to discuss. Though I do have a writing game or two up my sleeve to get them started. And some homework for over Christmas. Cue evil laughter. Actually, in the event, we didn’t have many members, but we had a great time. Talked a lot about the ups and downs of the publishing business (Anne’s Hot Writing Tip: no, agents don’t always know what they’re doing and, no, they don’t always know what readers will like. Don’t Be Fooled …). We also managed to fit in a very productive five-minute writing exercise, during which we all wrote something we hope to use later. Even me. Hurrah! That doesn’t often happen – as I usually think Lord, I can’t use that again. How come everyone else is so good??! Must be the Christmas spirit helping me out, eh!

Come 4pm, I’m off to help Ruth set up the quiz room, and hoping that we don’t end up bottom. I’m hopeless at quizzes – my mind goes blank. Which is probably its natural state, so it’s not entirely surprising. And tonight I’m hoping for an earlier night. For once!

Update! - our team came bottom! Groan. I am indeed a quiz dunce. Mind you, I did get the Oscar Wilde question, most of the art questions and the Captain Oates question all right, so I am not entirely without honour ...!

I have also sent the first 40 pages of The Gifting (hey, anyone out there remember that??) to the new Flicking Lizard press as I feel I have to do something with that novel before the year is out or my brain will implode. Otherwise, I fear it will be forgotten entirely ...

Today’s nice things:

1. Strange dreams
2. University Writers
3. The quiz.

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Nik Perring said...

Best of luck with the sub, Anne. They look good, thos Flicking Lizard bods.

Must be the season for quizzes - I was at one last night with my writing group and, in spite of me being on the team - we won! Stranger things have happened at sea. ;)


Anne Brooke said...

I'm not holding out much hope, Nik, but seeing as I can't contact my agent and it's been sooooo quiet since August, I thought there's no harm in going it alone.

And well done on your quiz win!


Sue said...

Hey coming bottom is not to be ashamed of. My sister and I were proud it happened to us. In fact next time I go to a quiz it will be my mission. :-)

Have a great time.

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Glad I'm not alone, Sue, tee hee! You go for it, girl!