Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas wrapped!

Lazy morning today - though we did venture out in the rain to sort the cars out. I do like checking the tyres regularly and looking at the oil and water and stuff. It makes me feel useful and gives me a false illusion of control. And Lord knows how I need that!

I've also been very domestic and made a crumble for pudding, though as usual I left the roast to Lord H. And we've wrapped Christmas up, hurrah! And even done cards. Far fewer than last year, thank the Lord, as I'm culling, m'dears, I'm culling. Well, if I haven't seen someone for more than a year or if I don't particularly like them, I don't see why I should keep up the pretence. Bah, humbug! Sorry, that just slipped out ... I was very good during the wrapping/organising process too - I only got cross and tearful once (Christmas has been making me depressed since I turned 35), and Lord H was quick with the hugs. And he helped with the wrapping too. I wrote out the cards and said what present was for whom (is that grammatically correct?? Ah, sod it, who cares ...). I think I've got them round about right. And we used the naked men wrapping paper for Mum, so she'll be pleased.

To add to his extremely high SuperHusband value, Lord H has also put the blurb for Thorn in the Flesh onto the cover, added the Goldenford logos and the price (I'm assuming £7.99 is a reasonable guess), and we're just waiting to see how big the book will be before sorting the spine width out. Hurrah!

Have also caught up on my videos of "Ugly Betty" and "My Name is Earl". Oh, the traumas of both! Wonderful stuff, but please could I have more comedy in my comedy sometime? Later on, I might do a bit of writing, but we'll see. I've also watched the "Strictly Come Dancing" vote (ah, Kenny, we'll miss you, but at least Letitia is safe. For another week only, I suspect). And later, there's "Cranford". Bloody hell and then it's Monday. Again!

This week's haiku:

Your hospital bed:
I talk into the silence
to keep death at bay.

Today's nice things:

1. Getting Christmas under some kind of control
2. Sunday lunch
3. TV.

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Sue said...

Closet mechanic, super-duper Christmas organiser. Is there no end to your talents?

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

I'm not very good at fixing sinks, sadly ...