Monday, December 10, 2007

Meetings mayhem, interviews, funky feet and tea

Lots of fun with meetings today – cancelled some, added in extra meetings just in case there aren’t enough in the New Year, chased up my Chair for others and hustled for decent amounts of food in the rest. Well, I don’t want my people gnawing at the furniture. Estates & Buildings will not be pleased if they do.

Talking of E&B though, they’ve done an excellent job of tracking down the parcel that the rather unhelpful and badly named Home Delivery Services have been trying to deliver to me for nearly a week. Now all I have to do is collect it and work out what it is. Christmas – it’s a wonderful thing, you know …

I’ve also decided to book in for a Beginners’ Pilates class at the University next year to replace my Back Exercise class. I’m hoping (a) it will be relaxing and (b) we won’t have to talk to anyone. Silence – or at least lack of conversation – is surely what lunchtimes are for. I’m also having my reflexology session today, so am looking forward to funky feet and feeling fabulous this afternoon. At least for a while.

In the meantime, the marvellous Penelope Cline has been working away on getting the Thorn in the Flesh cover into an acceptable format for the printers. Thanks so much, Penelope – and I’m sure we’ll get there in the end. Always good to have an artist’s eye on my attempts at a back cover blurb style too! Update: I've uploaded this to the printers now, so here's hoping all is okay. It looks great!

Tonight, I’m visiting my friend in hospital to see what the situation is at the moment. I’m hoping the news will be better, but I think we’re in for the long haul. Once home, I’m planning to catch up with last week’s “Ugly Betty”. I’m really not in a writing mood. Though, on second thoughts, here’s a poem:

Throwing away the core

My father told me apples
always knew the way
to paradise.

Today, no matter how many
I crunch, munch
and swallow,

savouring the crisp acidity
of the first crop,
the mellow toffee

of the last,
I find I'm never
the happier for it.

So now the man himself
has taken the path
to that pearly gate

I'll find my own taste
of heaven, and hope
it's not too late.

And in the event I didn't watch any TV this evening - have instead sorted out the Thorn cover (see above!) and responded to an interview request from Liam Tullberg for Chroma Journal. Hope it's what they want, and thanks for asking, Liam!

Ooh, and I've also had a marvellous email from Sarah Pracey of SPA PR who does the marketing for Dr Stuart's teas (see my weekend blog!). The very enterprising Sarah has contacted me and offered alternative venues where I can find my teas, as well as suggesting she could send me some of the ones I'm running low on. What a star! I'm utterly impressed with that kind of service, Sarah, and I'm already planning how one of my characters in The Bones of Summer can be a fan of Dr Stuart. Thank you so much! You've put a smile on my face indeed.

Today’s nice things:

1. Finding my parcel
2. Reflexology
3. Sarah from SPA.

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