Sunday, December 16, 2007

A sneak preview

Much to my delight, PD Publishing have now got the Maloney's Law cover art up on their website, plus the revised blurb. Thank you, all! I'm really very pleased with it, and am now looking forward to tackling the edits whenever they arrive. Roll on 2008, eh!

Talking of writing matters, Lord H and I have decided to refresh the website design ourselves using Dreamweaver before thinking about calling in the troops. We're hoping to work on that over Christmas, so sometime in the New Year the site should be looking far more modern than it currently is. Hurrah! I certainly like what Lord H has been working on off-line so far, so watch this space ...

This morning, the Powers That Be decided to switch off our water and then pretend to know nothing about it, so we had to go outside - unwashed! - and gather neighbour input in order to present a united front. The water company eventually agreed we were right and sent a crack squad of experts to reconnect us again. Power to the People indeed. As a parting gesture however, they decided to provide us with brown water for a while, but eventually it has come clear again. Thank goodness.

We've also had a wander over Puttenham Heath and managed to spot a nuthatch, long-tailed tits, blue tits and a very determined (notice me! notice me!) robin. Plus what might have been a wheatear but it was a bit too fuzzy to say for sure. Or was that my binoculars? Maybe I should clean them after all ... Once back home, we found a green woodpecker in the garden extremely close to the house, which was a delight to watch. We needn't have bothered getting in the car to play spot-the-bird at all then, dammit!

Watched yesterday's "Strictly Come Dancing" video whilst eating lunch - glad to see that Matt is back on form again (though I'm unconvinced he deserved a 40 for his waltz, pleasant though it was). I must admit that I thought Gethin's super-hot Argentine tango was the best dance of the show, and certainly the most adult, and was rather undermarked. It should have got at least two 10s to my mind. But I accept I may be prejudiced and might - horrors! - have to wave goodbye to delicious Gethin tonight, sigh ... Ah well.

And, after that, it's "Cranford". What will happen to Miss Matty tonight? I dread to think. Might also try to get more done to The Bones of Summer, but I'll have to see.

This week's haiku:

A traffic cone line:
two-tone rainbow leading us
home on tarmac sky.

Today's nice things:

1. Seeing the Maloney cover up on the PD site
2. Planning my new website
3. TV.

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Lexi said...

Cranford last night; half of them died, the rest got married.

And they all bought unfeasibly large quantities of tea.

That was about it, was it not?

Anne Brooke said...

True - but so well done! It was fab!



Casdok said...


Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee - washed now!!