Thursday, January 25, 2007

Toilets and talking

What a hive of activity today has been. Had my usual counselling session with Kunu this morning - we talked a lot about my family and early childhood memories, and how I did - or more accurately - didn't fit in to the family format. It was actually quite liberating to talk about all this stuff that I hardly give a second's thought to at any other time but which is obviously a big driving force even now. And I think I've got a lot to mull over during the week, though no homework this time - suspect we ran out of time, as I was on something of a roll. No surprises there then.

Afterwards, I did a spot of shopping (Lord H's birthday coming up fast over the horizon now ...) and then went and did some writing in the Library. Real writing - with a pen, ye gods! Just like the old days. Thoroughly enjoyed it too, and felt I was getting somewhere important with Simon and Johan in "The Gifting". Will have to type it up tomorrow and see how it looks. But maybe I'll do that more often. There's something about holding a pen and making actual contact with the paper that makes it far more exciting. Lord knows why.

Which took me up to the belated work Christmas lunch which we had in Cambio's in Guildford. Bloody hell, what a long lunch it was indeed (and on my own time as well - though I'm definitely not complaining!) - and very nice too. The joy of Cambio's is they have the best loos in the known universe (or at least in Guildford) - lots of wonderful matt black tiles, vast expanses of mirror, rounded raised wash basins, gorgeous soap and (the crowning glory) individual hand towels to use and put in the linen basket. Bliss indeed. Can't wait till next year when I can use them all over again. I set a lot of store over what a place's toilets are like. Like my grandmother used to say, it's important to be comfortable ... In Cambio's, I went twice.

Tonight, Keith W and I are off dancing again. Am sooo looking forward to it, though I don't know what we'll be learning. I'm hoping for the Cha Cha, but will have to see.

Today's nice things:

1. Counselling
2. Writing
3. Cambio's toilets
4. Ye gods - it must have been a good day: Dancing.

Anne Brooke

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