Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Stranger's Touch: Gay Paranormal Romance

Gay paranormal romance A Stranger's Touch is now available on Amazon for only 99p!

Male prostitute, Red, is given an assignment by his pimp and lover, Robbie, with a very unusual client. Red meets the stranger in a darkened house in London and, during their sessions, he learns more than he ever knew about lust, love and his own personal history. 

How will his curious and life-enhancing encounters with the stranger affect his relationship with Robbie and his clients, and can love ever be part of a hooker's life at all? 


"A Stranger's Touch was a deeply affecting, elegantly written, ethereal wisp of a story. It haunted me." [From a 5 star review at Hearts on Fire Reviews] 

“This is most definitely a story that will leave you wondering, with a different and intriguing premise encapsulated in a short, well-written tale. After reading this, I will definitely be looking for other stories by Brooke.” [From a review on the Three Dollar Bill Reviews site]

Happy reading!

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