Friday, August 29, 2014

Gay fantasy discount: today only!

Gay fantasy Tuluscan Six and the Time Circle is HALF-PRICE for TODAY only at Amber Quill Press. So hurry along and snap up a bargain today!

Here's the blurb:
Whilst finishing up a good day’s work in the Earth Interplanetary Administration Office, Karlan Staithley is disturbed by the appearance of a strange alien called Tuluscan Six. Tuluscan tells him that in one year’s time, Earth will make contact with his people, the Lamarians, and unwittingly destroy them due to an anomaly in the planetary timelines. He, himself, has come back to warn Karlan, partly to save his people and partly as in the real timeline Karlan and Tuluscan will become lovers. Here and now, he declares his love for Karlan.
At first, Karlan refuses to believe him, even though he finds himself powerfully attracted to the Lamarian, but he's eventually convinced by the in-depth knowledge Tuluscan reveals about his life—facts nobody else knows.
The two men join forces to try to save their futures, but can they in fact change time? And, if they do, how can their mutual passion ever survive?

And some reviews:

“...A fast pace, appealing hero, and a light, comic touch make the story a fun read.”--Obsidian Bookshelf
“4.5 Stars!...This short story is equal parts romantic comedy, with its snappy dialog, and space opera, and should please even those readers who normally avoid science fiction. The fast pace, clear vivid writing, and light comic touch keep the reader engaged...In addition, Tuluscan’s ability to keep Karlan flustered and off-balance is amusing. Recommended!”—Val Kovalin, Reviews By Jessewave
"...a short story with a light comic touch that may appeal to many readers, even those who tend to avoid science-fiction. The fast pace, comical details, and the single viewpoint from an appealing hero make for an immediately engaging reading experience...perfectly contains an ingenious plot for Karlan and his mysterious visitor to carry out, and still manages to work in a playful sex scene!" -- Val, ARE CafĂ©

Happy reading!

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