Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Showcased at Whizbuzz: your next fantasy read!

Discover more about The Gifting, the first of the Gathandrian Fantasy Trilogy, here at Whizbuzz And you can even leave a comment or two, if you so desire!


The Gifting is a unique fantasy where mental and physical worlds merge in a flight of unrestrained imagination. Unlike much fantasy I’ve read lately, this book soars with hope. It’s a story of redemption gained through a mystical journey through earth, air, fire and water that tests the deepest recesses of a man’s soul.” (From Awesome Indies Reviews)

The Gifting is merely the introduction to the Gathandrian Trilogy; it’s a big world, filled with intrigues and magic, loss and redemption. It’s a fantastical place where almost anything is possible, where a coward can become a hero, where the promise for more excitement and enchantment are guaranteed, and I look forward to seeing where Anne Brooke will take us next, as well as discovering what Simon’s future holds.” (From Top2Bottom Reviews)

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