Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hallsfoot and Holepunches

Book News:

It's a double book week this week, I'm happy to say. First of all, the second book in my fantasy trilogy, Hallsfoot's Battle, is now out. The blurb is:

In the second book in The Gathandrian Trilogy, Gelahn the mind-executioner begins his campaign. His powers are sublime, unmatched – even without the mind-cane in his possession. Using fear and pain he enslaves his victims, but next he will break and possess the Lammas Overlord.

Recently appointed Acting Elder and left in sole charge of her people, Annyeke Hallsfoot draws on all her mind-skills and courage as the fight for Gathandria rages. The precious ancient Legends are her bedrock and she begins teaching their wisdom to the scribe, Simon Hartstongue, who must quickly learn to work with the mind-cane’s strange powers. But Simon is distracted by his own demons and only fears the artefact. Supported by Johan and Talus, her young charge, Annyeke plots a desperate strategy to defeat the enemy.

As the Gathandrians rally behind their new leader, Gelahn strikes at the heart of the city.

If you've missed out on the first of the trilogy, which is The Gifting, then you can find out more about that book here.

At the same time, gay romantic comedy Who Moved My Holepunch? is now available at Amber Allure Press as part of their Office Affairs collection. The blurb for that one is:

Darren Fording works as a Senior Timetabling Officer for his local college. When Max Sheldon arrives to take over as Acting Registrar, Darren finds himself consumed by lust for his new boss and making the kind of decisions he as a stuck-in-his-ways administrator has never made before.
When Darren initiates a full-on kiss during a meeting with Max, the enthusiasm of the Registrar's response takes him by surprise. Max is reluctant to pursue a relationship with an employee, but Darren is equally determined not to take no for an answer. Can he prove his worth to the man he's beginning to love and show him he's a dab hand at educational politics as well?

It's already gained one pre-publication 5-star review from Mrs Condit Reads Books (many thanks, Josie) and she says:

"I found this book a breath of fresh air; it was funny, witty and very cute. I loved Darren; he was just perfect as the insecure (well, at the beginning) quirky administrator … His two assistants, the chatty, gossipy Miranda, and the quiet sensible Stewart were well written as well, and the aloof Max was simply adorable. … I can't recommend this book highly enough. If you want to laugh, giggle and smile as you turn every page then this book is perfect. My only regret is it isn't twice as long."

Not to be outdone, gay thriller A Dangerous Man was showcased at the Gay Books site (thank you, Richard), and also gained a 4-star review at Obsidian Reviews. There Val says:

A Dangerous Man is not a gay romance with a traditional happy ending, but it is a compelling work of gay fiction and a real page-turner. Things to praise include the flawless writing and the subtlety with which Michael's tragic past is revealed. The London setting is vivid and three-dimensional, and the author has a perfect ear for dialogue.

Many thanks, Val.

Meanwhile, Biblical short story collection, The Betrayal of Birds, was briefly at No 77 in the Amazon US Christian short story charts, so that was jolly nice.

This weekend, I had a great session at Elstead Writers, which was much needed amidst the bleak midwinter this spring has suddenly turned into. Snow - how shocking! Oh, and I joined the Christian Erotica Readers and Writers Group on Facebook, which has in some respects caused a bit of a stir. It should more accurately be called the "Group for Christians who Read and/or Write Erotic Fiction of All Flavours", but that's a tad long for anyone to remember. It's nice to have a group just for us, I must say - it's about time we came out ...

Life News:

Earlier in the week, K and I enjoyed a wonderful evening at the production of Calamity Jane at Haslemere Hall - a fabulous show, starring my colleague Ruth from work in the chorus - who looks rather fetching in pink, I must say. And it was nice for K to work out that behind all those good old songs I sing in the shower, there is actually a story - a revelation as he's not seen it before, well gosh!

Yesterday's cake was Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins, which I took from the recipes at the back of the US crime novel The Pumpkin Muffin Murder. They're really nice too - spicy and moist with a lovely crunchy topping, mmmm ... And always great to have a fictional mixture of murder and baking, with the recipes, hurrah.

It's also been a lovely weekend for coffee and catch-up with the neighbours - so many thanks to you all in the road for that. Much appreciated.

Today, K and I bravely visited the Wisley Spring Plant Fair - aka the Wisley Winter Fair, alas - and caused great joy amongst the stallholders as, with the snow, very few people had turned up and they're all having a rather dull weekend. Whilst there, I bought a new tiarella - Mystic Mist, which has lovely soft pink leaves, so it's rather unusual. We decided against the full Wisley tour but, thankfully, the glasshouse was open, and the orchid display there is as stunning as ever.

Finally, over at The Angry Anglican, I'm taking the new Archbishop to task for his latest statement, sigh.

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