Sunday, July 01, 2012

Garden and giveaways

Book News:

The Celebrating Independence Blog Hop has started today and lasts till 4 July. You can find my post here, and if you leave a comment on it, you're in with a chance of winning one of THREE ebooks from my backlist - good luck! You can find all the other participants and their competitions at the Celebrating Independence website. Happy browsing.

Yesterday, we had a great session at Elstead Writers, as ever, with lots of inspiration and advice. And it was even sunny enough to sit outside with our coffee & papers, so that was great. Can't wait till the next meeting.

In terms of current writing projects, I've just started an office-based gay romance for Amber Allure Press, which I'm tentatively calling Who Moved My Holepunch? I think I've fairly safe in assuming the title hasn't been used before ...

The Sunday haiku is:

Held within my throat
all the words I couldn't say:
woman's destiny.

Life News:

Had a good time at golf on Friday, despite the wind which I'm sure was invariably against me. All was going swimmingly until the last hole when I lost my ball in a ditch and had to take a shovel in order to retrieve it, metaphorically speaking. Ah well.

Yesterday afternoon, K and I had a trip out to Nymans to admire their rose garden amongst other splendours and very lovely it was too. The smell was gorgeous. Once back home, I flung myself into baking cupcakes from my new cake book, Marian Keyes' Saved by Cake. Hmm, she seems to have an extremely sweet tooth judging by the amount of icing I had for my cakes, yikes. Even K queried it. Plus, bearing in mind the fact that my icing equipment broke halfway through, and there was more of the actual icing on the kitchen work surfaces and in my hair than on the cake anyway, I think her book should be renamed Traumatised by Cake. I wonder if I should suggest it ... Or maybe just write one of my own.

Beyond that, we've done a fair amount of gardening, and popped into church today, so are single-handedly keeping suburbia going. Lordy, I'll be joining the Women's Institute next, God preserve them.

And, finally, K is now looking for another Accountancy role, so if anyone knows of any finance-type jobs out there, don't hesitate to let us know - many thanks indeed.

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Adila Mammadova said...

I'm not from the USA, but I hope you'll allow me to celebrate with you.


Anne Brooke said...

Me neither, Adila - happy 4th July! :))

I'll count your comment into the competition!

Hugs galore


Anne Brooke said...

You're one of my winner, Adila - will email you shortly, and congrats!