Thursday, June 28, 2012

Treasure Hunts, Nuns and getting rid of the baggage

Book News:

I'm delighted to say that my children's book The Origami Nun has received its first review at Goodreads and it's a 5-star one. Many thanks, Bonnie! So glad your grandchildren enjoyed the read.

Turning to slightly different literary matters, the Erato GLBT Treasure Hunt is now taking place, and you can win some lovely prizes, so don't forget to take part! The event ends on 2 July, so there's still time.

In addition, you can find a revisited interview with me at Joo's Interviews - I hope you enjoy the read this time round. And at Vulpes Libris, you can find my review of Karin Altenberg's Island of Wings. An interesting book, but it doesn't quite work as a novel, in my view. Have a read and see what you think ...

Recent meditations are:

Meditation 671
The sense of satisfaction
when a task is over
or a job done well

is worth that roller coaster ride
you took to get here
with the tales you have to tell.

Meditation 672
The silence between
words and thought
is filled with riches
not easily bought

and the way you take
through the shadowy lane
is laced with singing
beneath the rain.

Meditation 673
It only takes
one person
in the right place
at the right time
to change the world

and it only takes
one moment
for us to consent
with a clear heart
to live our lives unfurled.

Life News:

Well, after ten days of tricky discussions, during which we have gained new insights into the meaning of the words "malicious" and "posturing" (and some amusement from them...), I'm very happy to say that we're about to be rid of one of the nastiest people in our lives at the moment, double huzzahs and put out the bunting! It's such a relief - even more than we imagined it would be, which is definitely the best way round. Can't say anything more at the moment (except HUGE thanks to the lovely Superstar Duo for today - you know who you are ...!), but we're looking forward to a very relaxing summer, where though we'll be poorer we'll definitely be happier. As they say, it's always good to get rid of the excess baggage. Phew. Bring it on.

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