Thursday, December 08, 2011

Newsletters, Kindles and lunch

Book News:

My winter newsletter is out today and includes a free giveaway competition, some exclusive fiction and my latest writing news - enjoy! I'm also happy to announce that gay thriller A Dangerous Man gained an Honorable Mention in the 2011 Rainbow Cover Awards, hurrah. Many thanks indeed to all those who voted for it.

Meanwhile, gay erotic short story Dating the Delaneys was No 6 in the Amber Allure Bestseller Lists for November, so that's very exciting too. I do hope those of you who've bought it have enjoyed the read. More from the Delaneys and Liam in the new year, I think.

In other writing news, I've signed two Kindlegraphs this week - so many thanks to Nikyta for requesting those. It's much appreciated. And there's 30% off all holiday titles at Untreed Reads at the moment, so what are you waiting for ... Happy holiday reading!

Today at Vulpes Libris you can find my review of Ron Rash's stonkingly brilliant short story collection, Burning Bright - it comes highly recommended indeed, and it was a pleasure to review it.

This week's meditation is:

Meditation 595
When one man’s word
can stop a war
by being heard

then let us always pray
for prophets
to have their say.

Life News:

Much to my astonishment, I've got Christmas almost all wrapped up (ha!). On Sunday I wrapped all the presents except a couple that I need to sort out this week and send, and I wrote and posted all my cards on Monday. What a Christmas angel I am indeed - and I'm sure you all hate me for it, hey ho. But I do dislike the whole Christmas thing so much that simply for my own sanity I need to get it out of the way as soon as humanly possible or my head implodes. Not a pretty sight, believe me.

However, all is not doom and gloom and pesky tinsel as on Tuesday I went to the second of the church's Advent compline services. Such a relief to have forty-five minutes of peace and quiet after the frantic busyness of work, I must say. I really enjoyed it - and especially lovely to stay and chat with writing friends,  Stella and Rich afterwards, and to learn something more about John the actual vicar (rather than John the no 2 vicar) and his wife afterwards. Strangely, they lived in our road in Godalming for many years and not that far from our flat either, but I never knew it. Which just proves what an antisocial hermit I actually am (people? there are other people in the world? Well gosh ...). Hey ho.

And today I've enjoyed a wonderful ladies' lunch at the house of another Elstead Writers' Group friend, Sue (hello, Sue - and indeed Stella and Jacqui too!) - it was great to see some people I knew already and also a few neighbours I hadn't yet met. And the food was fabulous. How I love a woman who can cook.

Anne Brooke
The Origami Nun

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