Sunday, July 03, 2011

Houses and Harrogate

A bullet-point blog today as we're just back from a wonderful weekend away with the totally lovely and utterly glamorous Egypt Group (hello, all!).

Life News:

1. It's been great to catch up with Mike & Miriam (who have a matching pair of very wonderful dogs, btw!), and Mike & Chris. I think we have now, between us, terrified Harrogate into submission. We stayed at the extremely good and very charming Ascot House Hotel. I think we can all recommend it wholeheartedly.

2. Skipton Castle makes for a very good day out.

3. Betty's Tea Rooms, Harrogate are excellent and everyone should go there too, mmmm ....

4. We completed on our flat at 9.10am on Friday, so that burden is gone, hurrah! On the other side of the equation, over the weekend, we lost out on the Woking house, which went to the higher bidder, but the Elstead house is still in play and we should hear something next week.

Book News:

1. The first part of my interview with Reasons To Be Beautiful Magazine is now online here (many thanks, Stephanie & Madel) so I hope you enjoy browsing through that.

2. There's 30% off all my Untreed Reads books until tomorrow (4 July), so do feel free to pick yourself up a bargain.

3. Writing Magazine have asked for a copy of my article so I have sent that off to them.

4. The more helpful UK lawyer has suggested she link me up with their US counterparts next week so I've said yes to that - though I'm not convinced anything entirely helpful will come out of it, it will be good to get the US legal view.

5. The next lines of the prologue of The Gifting are:

Beside him, his sister is dressed only in black. Her fair hair catches the light from the two torches mounted on the wall.

6. And, finally, the Sunday haiku is:

After two hundred
miles, the only reviver:
a Yorkshire cream tea.

Anne Brooke


Jackie Luben said...

Glad to hear the flat's sorted out, Anne, and well done on the Writing Mag article. I shall look forward to seeing it there.


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jackie! :)) Now all we have to do is find somewhere to live xxx

Stevie Carroll said...

Congratulations on the flat sale.

I really want to go to Harrogate at some point.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Stevie! And do visit Harrogate if you can - I could live at Betty's! :))