Sunday, June 05, 2011

Plants, poems and pesky publishers

Book News:


Anyway, back in the real world, I'm happy to say that Entertaining the Delaneys gained a fascinating review at Goodreads by Kassa (thanks, Kassa), and I've also settled enough into the new flat to get a meditation poem done, of a sort:

Meditation 534
Jedaiah, Jehoiarib, Jachin
have never been tempted to sin.
Their armour of “J”
keeps the devil away
and their vowels are an absolute win.

The Sunday haiku is:

Under quiet skies
I deadhead roses. Somewhere
a small bird chatters.

Life News:

As mentioned above, we're settling in nicely to the new flat. On Friday, the chimney sweep came round - which was somehow very quaint, even though we don't really need a fire right now. Yesterday, K and I took a leisurely stroll into Woking, bought a few bits and pieces (we live in a town now! It has shops with things you actually want to buy, well gosh!...) and had lunch and a cappuccino at one of the many Italian coffee shops that crowd the streets of Woking. Well, Woking is full of lovely Italians so it makes sense. I'm planning to try them all as soon as possible, you know (the coffee, not the Italians ...). We did have rather a Jane Austen moment before deciding to set out, as K said: "Mr Darcy suggested a walk into Woking during the morning, and the idea delighted Miss Bennett. The rest of the company were in general agreement and the expedition began ..." Do you think we've been reading too many novels?

Today, we've had lunch at Wisley and bought one or two display containers for the patio/path area - they look very colourful, I must say. My dears, we're gardeners, real gardeners at last! Plus I was thrilled when it rained on my washing as I've never been able to put washing out at all for 18 years, and so it's an utter delight when it gets wet. I suspect this feeling won't last long. And tonight we've had as many of the neighbours round as possible for drinks and nibbles, and it was great fun indeed - which explains the late blog entry. What a lovely bunch of people. They can definitely come again. Though if that pesky publisher keeps on demanding money with menaces, they may have to bring their own nibbles ...

Anne Brooke


Jason Shaw said...

How wonderful, your walk in Woking, not battles with the publisher. I found that most entertaining.

I have visions of you all dressed up in your finest, strolling in town, having a small cup of coffee in each little Italian. One the way home, K would lay down his cape for you stop step over a soggy wet patch, bluebirds and larks would sing and the world is right and all is well.

Can we join in your fight with the publisher, I'm a good aim with a snowball. (It may prove a problem with no snow, I'm not much good with balls!)

Ho hum, good luck.

Anne Brooke said...
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