Thursday, September 30, 2010

Freshers Galore

Life News:

Great news - I survived Freshers' Week! As, I think so far and on the whole, have the Freshers themselves, so good news all round really. It was as exhausting and sometimes exhilarating as usual, but to my mind we paced ourselves better this year and that's made all the difference. Also we knew what we were doing more, as we'd had the first bite at the new system last year so it felt familiar this time round. The biggest help of all though has been that instead of having two Information Point tables (that we're responsible for), we've had one, so it's meant that Ruth and I don't have to be there all the time on our separate tables but we've been doing about two hours on and two hours off on a rota system during the day so we each get a chance to regroup and stop the work piling up in the office. As I've said before, being at the Information Point is much like performing on stage, so I reckon two hours is just about right before the need for an interval comes upon us.

Naturally, there've been some emergencies and last-minute changes, including three lecture theatres being unexpectedly out-of-action so a lot of our time has been spent directing confused people (staff and students alike) to the correct rooms and apologising, though most people have been lovely about it. And, of course, there's been the odd talk overrunning, with the need for a bit of creative redistribution of stock. As it were. Still, I don't think anyone saw the join ...

Anyway, frankly, it's been my best Freshers' Week so far, so a big thank you to Clare W who's organised it all once again. And an equally big and rather more than slightly tearful farewell to the aforementioned Clare, who's leaving us this week for better and closer-to-home things ... Really, it's all change in the office, as not only that but Lauren from the Mentoring team is leaving as well (further sobbing, but there's still time to change your minds, girls!) so last night we all had a farewell early dinner at Ask in Guildford, which was I hope a good send-off for both. And already we have replacements for our disappearing staff, as Steve has been with us for a week in the Mentoring office, and Jon arrives full-time on Monday to sit in Clare's place. Boys in the office, eh - well, whatever next!...

All this rushing about and preparing for change this week has utterly wiped me out though and I have had a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon, well really and it must be my age ... I think it's done the trick though as I'm ready to continue our mammoth DIY project once K gets home. This morning, I've painted half the ceiling in the spare room and put a first coat of gloss on the window alcove skirting board and window ledge. Once the 2nd coat is on, we reckon that the alcove will be done and we can move things back into it, thus creating space in the non-decorated part of the room so we can start having a go at that too. The good news is that the hallway and front door is now finished and looks very nice indeed, hurrah.

The other big excitement is we've found out that if you attach the electric sander to the Hoover then there's virtually no dust, double hurrahs and break out the Bolly. Sanding with a Hoover is therefore our new hobby, so be warned ...

Books News:

I'm pleased to say that Tommy's Blind Date is now available as a Kindle book at Amazon US and Amazon UK, and a copy or two has already been purchased at both stores - which is surprising as Amazon UK Kindle has a lot of catching up to do with its American cousin in these early days of its existence.

Meanwhile, The Hit List received a lovely 4.5 star review at Goodreads, so thank you, Jo, for your comments. And The Delaneys and Me made a brief visit to the Amazon Top 100 charts, but has disappeared once more, alas. Publishers have been busy too, and you can now find all my Untreed Reads books in one convenient location (thanks, Jay!) so if you want to know about dancing, nature, fruit, art or accountancy, or perhaps all of these, you know where to go.

Looking forward to October, I'm delighted that A Dangerous Man, which is due out on 15 October, now has its own page at Cheyenne Publishing - a perfect read for those dark autumnal days indeed.

Meditations so far this week are:

Meditation 434
When engrossed
in your daily chores
do not neglect
the subtle gestures
of God

and see how everything

Meditation 435
It says something
about a man

when he’d rather give away
his women and children

than his valuables
if he can.

Anne Brooke


Jason Shaw said...

Oh jolly good, am pleased freshers week has gone well, with no major muck ups or standing rows or many tears before bed time.

It's always a surprise, when freshers week comes round ever year. To me I see it as the end of the summer and the start of winter! Mind you, it has it's benefits, it means there is a lot more eye candy on display, and new ones too!

I see from the reviews, it's been a good week all round! Yippeee.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jason! You are naughty though, tee hee!! :)) And nearly the weekend!