Sunday, February 21, 2010

This crazed writing life

Something of a bullet-point blog tonight, I'm afraid, as I've been hugely busy all weekend - in an exciting way, mainly, hurrah:

First off, I've done the final edits to The Hit List which is due out on 28 February, and am now going through the galley proofs. Making the final tweaks, as it were. And I was sooo thrilled that my editor said this about it: This is an excellent story, Anne!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and really fell in love with Jamie and Robert! I totally felt Jamie's struggles...both with his father's illness, his family in general, and with his feelings about Robert. Well done, my friend!! Thank you so much, Karin - that means such a lot that you wouldn't believe it.

I've also been surprised that a couple of publishers have expressed interest in The Gifting - one would like me to make partial changes to Isabella's sections in the novel, which I'm happy to do, whilst another has said they will look at it in late summer to consider it for their 2011 lists. Well, gosh, on both counts. Perhaps Simon the Scribe's time is finally on its way? You never know.

And for a brief moment of glory, The Bones of Summer found itself at No 53 in the UK Amazon gay romance charts, so good to know Paul & Craig are still out there somewhere, doing their stuff. As it were. I do have a soft spot for those two.

Meanwhile, Michael is telling us how he first became a Christian over at The Prayer Seeker's Journal - a story which may well surprise you. And which is basically how it happened to me - except that his mother honeymooned in France, whilst mine honeymooned in Ireland. So never say I'm not truthful - or as near as darn it - in what I'm trying to write there!

Here's a poem that came from my free writing exercise yesterday:


Clagged earth clings
to my boot

and grey clouds
cover the sky

but I still feel
the air’s deep sparkle:

all I need
to know.

And this week's haiku is this:

Today I set free
the world in my head: vibrant,
magical and strange.

Anne's website - just about keeping up with it all!
The Prayer Seeker's Journal - for some quiet revelation


Megan said...

All fabulous stuff, Anne - and I'm especially pleased to see The Gifting dazzling folks
m xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Megan! Though probably more vague interest than dazzlement :))


Jason Shaw said...

It's all good going at the moment. All jolly and exciting. Have a good week. x

Anne Brooke said...

Thank you - you too!! Axxx

Jilly said...

That is all good news for you Anne! Well done!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jilly - hugs to you! :)) Axxx