Thursday, January 21, 2010

Agendas and beakers

Thankfully, life seems to be getting more back to normal now - I've hated the lack of routine in the last few weeks. Ruddy snow, eh. Ruins my equilibrium (such as it is). And the equilibrium of plenty of other folk too. Because of it, the year didn't seem to have started properly yet, but now it has. Thank goodness. I even did a full 3 days at work, actually in the office, well gosh. Spring is finally here. Well, maybe not, but dream on, eh ...

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that A Stranger's Touch received a five star review at Goodreads, courtesy of Karin. Thank you, Karin!

On top of that excitement, the delightful Jason Shaw has interviewed me at Gay Agenda webzine and you can read the results of that conversation here. Thanks so much for those great questions, Jason - I thoroughly enjoyed mulling them over!

I've also been in poetic mood. Here's the results of Week 2 of my online poetry course:


Soft thud of lemonade beaker
on tile,

gush of sugary fizz,
sweetness foaming the air.

An indrawn breath –

In her hand, the highest bar
of the nursery chair

presses slow lifelines
on skin

as she tastes childhood wood
and Noddy books.

On her leg
the coming slap’s tingle.

Ah, childhood can be a tricky place, eh. I've also been feeling a little more positive about the year, and have been thinking about colours. Here's something I wrote yesterday:


I notice an unusual amount
of yellow on my desk:
a book; post-it notes, mugs.

They speak of hope,
the possibility of brightness.

Not now, not in January,
but later, when the year

has truly begun.

Which, somehow brings me round full circle. How deeply satisfying.

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Megan said...

lovely poems Anne!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Megan! Hope you're having a good Friday - not long now till the big day!! :)) Axxx