Sunday, December 13, 2009

Slow Sunday

Not much to report this weekend, I must say. I've spent the whole time indoors, attempting to get well. I think I feel marginally better today, so that's something, hurrah. I've spent a lot of the afternoons over the last three days asleep. Obviously the team awayday on Thursday was rather more traumatic than I'd anticipated, ah well - I blame it for everything, you know ...

However, the good news is that I've reached the 10,000 word marker in The Executioner's Cane and vaguely know where I might be heading in the scene I'm in. Vaguely.

I enjoyed Strictly Come Dancing yesterday - lovely to see Chris & Ola in the final, though I have to admit that actually for the first time I did vote for Ricky & Natalie. On the grounds that it would be supremely unfair if Ricky didn't make the final. I am indeed a Voting Tart.

Apart from that, there's been a hell of a lot of snorting and groaning, and a hell of a lot of Lemsips, Sudafed, Beecham's Flu Plus and my anti-allergy range of tablets have been taken. Shake me and I'd rattle.

Only six more days of work before the Christmas break, hey ho.

Here's this week's haiku:

The dull threat of snow
fills my throat with heaviness.
Winter in the skin.

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Jason Shaw said...

Sundays are sometimes meant to be slow, especially in these winter months.

You were right to stay inside, it's bitterly cold out there and damp and crowded and well poo'y really!

Get well soon, and my word, 10,000 and you weren't even going to start that until after the crimbo and new year period. !!!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jason! It does look bitter out there for sure. And I know - I could have been relaxing and drinking cocktails instead - more fool me!! :))

Love & big hugs


Glynis Peters said...

Get well soon and happy scribbling. Just read your previous post and congratulations!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Glynis - on both counts! Axxx

Vicki said...

Keep sipping, fedding, plussing, Anne, and get well soon.

Love your haiku, but then I love them all. :) xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Vicki! Will do :)) Axxx