Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amber Quill author and a hundred uses for a milk frother

I'm very happy to say that my GLBT erotic short story, A Stranger's Touch, has been accepted for publication by Amber Quill Press, and is lined up in their schedules for next January or February, at the moment of typing. I'm hugely pleased to be a new member of the Amber Quill team, as it's so nice to have another avenue for submissions, and also lovely to get that particular story out there. It's one I'm actually quite happy with.

Other exciting news for today is that I have a brand-new milk frother, which (hurrah! hurrah!) gives me access to cappuccinos whenever I want them. And ... um ... looks fairly rude too, I have to say. Do I feel another story idea coming on?? God forbid ...

Anne Brooke


Vicki said...

Exciting news about A Stranger's Touch... the milk frother, too. :) xx

Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee, thank you! One of my MySpace friends thought the picture was going to be the cover for the story - now there's a thought!!!