Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A plethora of novel events and a small hissy fit

Back into work today – goodness me but I’d grown too used to being off. It’s such a shock to have to wear my office head again. It’s looking a tad grimy, I fear. The fact of having to face no fewer than 90 emails was an added excitement. Goodness me, I’ve never been so popular. Mind you, 80% of it is spam, but it still takes a while to bin it. Sigh.

I also played it safe and got Lord H to take me in. The campus paths are still icy and the car park is nothing more than a skating ring, so I think it was a wise choice.

For a large part of my morning, I’ve been determinedly trying to sort out the final arrangements for the novel reading event next week. I don’t think people respond to my feeble secretarial cries for help so I flung myself on the mercy of Fiona in the English Department, whilst having a small hissy fit, and the gathered masses are now obviously responding to her higher academic kudos. Or to my sobs and groans. (We here in Admin World are usually much overlooked, you know …- perhaps they didn’t know any of us could scream?). Which is something of a relief, I have to say. So we might now just about have chairs for the event, plus books, catering and willing helpers, hurrah! I had been pondering about getting the Dean to knock up a few chairs himself over the weekend if the worst came to the worst. Well, he’s an engineer and it would have kept him out of mischief …

I’ve also finally managed (after two chases …) to get the Bookshop to let me have the copy of Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper which I ordered two weeks ago (two weeks!!). It’s the next book on the University Reading Group schedule so I need to read it soon. I might save myself the existential angst and order from Amazon next time. Well, you can’t say I didn’t try to use a local supplier. But, really, I shouldn’t have to keep chasing an order like that. Perhaps I am indeed becoming invisible – is it because (a) I’m a woman; (b) I’m in my forties; or (c) I’m a Secretary? Answers on a postcard, please … Oh no, that won’t work – as nobody’s listening …

This afternoon, I had to minute a meeting planning the upcoming international students’ induction programme in September – this is a new one on us so we’re very much feeling our way. But, bearing in mind the large percentage of international students at the University, it’s a great idea. That said, preparing for not one, but two separate induction weeks is going to be interesting indeed – to say the least …

Ooh, and Andrea’s brought in cakes – fabulous chocolate ones! – to celebrate her birthday which was on Monday. And which we couldn’t celebrate then as the University was shut. Wonderful – we all need them today. Desperately. I wolfed down two before lunchtime (shame on me) …

And Sue in the Health Centre has narrowed down the dates for me to attend her book group to discuss Thorn in the Flesh which I think will now be just after my March holiday – so I’m hugely looking forward to that. It will be nice to revisit Kate again after all this while.

I’m also thinking about writing a short story about wildernesses. I have a vague idea as to how it will start, but after that it’s a mystery. Or a wilderness, ho ho. I’ll have to write it to see what happens. However, not till next week, I suspect – as I need to concentrate at least some of my energies on Hallsfoot’s Battle for a while.

Today’s nice things:

1. Feeling slightly happier with the novel event admin progression (but only slightly)
2. Getting my book at last
3. Cakes.
4. The Thorn book group date
5. Thinking about a short story.

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