Monday, February 02, 2009

Is that snow I see?...

Goodness me, what a terribly terribly snowy world we've woken up to today. This isn't what we pay our taxes for, you know, and it's certainly not the reason we live in Surrey. Shocking, my dears, shocking. Especially shocking was the rather foolish journey Lord H and I attempted to make in the car to get to the doctors for our 9am jabs appointment. Well, we thought that once out of our own road, the main roads would be better. Um, my, how we laughed. Or rather didn't. Actually the whole experience was really rather terrifying and I am still languishing on the sofa taking a regular dose of smelling salts ... Suffice it to say the following: at last the 4X4s here in the shires come into their own, we never made it to the doctor, we finally shuddered back into our parking space 50 minutes after we'd left it (it's a 5/10 minute journey to the surgery), and Lord H is an utter and absolute superhero for (a) not panicking, (b) not killing anyone, (c) driving like a genius - a calm one. He is definitely my Hero of the Week. Big-time.

Back in the relative safety of home, we discover that the University is in fact closed, very few people have arrived at Lord H's office and the doctor is only taking emergency appointments today due to the fact that they're not in either. My, how very jolly it all is. And strangely magical. It's like a day off for Britain. And goodness me, how we do need one of those. The magic of Candlemas Day indeed.

Anyway, once we'd sorted ourselves out and had a reviving hot chocolate, Lord H and I togged up with wellington boots and our birding jackets and went for an absolutely superb walk through Godalming woods and back along the High Street. I am usually a stalwart enemy of the evil snow beastie, but today it's like being young again. Everything is so peaceful, people are talking to each other and, hark, is that a bluebird on my shoulder perchance? Ah, I feel a song coming on, and I shall endeavour to suppress it for the sake of my habitual cynicism and the sensitivities of my reader ...

Ooh and mustn't forget this morning's meditation poem:

Meditation 63

One bird is killed
and the other flies free.
There is always a choice.

It is decided
before you know it
while the cedar wood,

blood and oil blend
over your skin.
Carry your happiness

through the fields
like a bird.
Leave the dead behind.

I've started a short story about branches and what they can do. To one particular man anyway. I've done about 500 words so far and am quite enjoying the journey. It could end up at one of two points and I'm not sure which it will be yet. Part of the excitement of writing indeed - you never know the destination when you begin. And even when you think you do, it won't be the same when you get there. I'm calling it ... um ... Branches. Hell, what style and imagination I have indeed ... I've also written a review on Rosy Barnes' upcoming new novel, Sadomasochism for Accountants, for the Vulpes Libris review site, which I hope they might publish later in the month. So, in case they do, I won't say much about the book now except that it's a vivid and fun read and I loved the S&M Club. Fabulous.

Tonight, there are about a zillion things on TV, all of which I am desperate to watch. Deep sigh. I think I'll go for the adult crime drama, video the younger looking one and wait for the repeat of Who Do You Think You Are? tomorrow. That's the plan anyway.

Meanwhile, the snow is still here and tomorrow, as they say, is another day ...

Today's nice things:

1. An unexpected holiday
2. A winter walk
3. Poetry
4. Starting a short story
5. Rosy's novel
6. A TV plethora.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website - it's snow place for a lady (geddit? Sigh. Ah well ...)


Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

I agree Anne, everyone's friendlier when there's a bit of a crisis going on. Even the window cleaners down town were chatting to Peter this morning.

There's some lovely snow footage on the BBC website - a wonderful clip of 'Boris' (under 'not an excuse for a skive says Boris') with him saying London bus drivers are doing their best to get on the road whilst in the background the beeb are playiny a clip of them having snowball fights near their buses - classic!

I've got to log on to the College email system at 6.00am tomorrow to see if we are open tomorrow. I suspect we will be even though the roads are likely to be even more teacherous with frozen slush.

I have exactly the same dilema as you re. 9.00pm telly tonight. Will have to catch one of the crime dramas on i-player I think.

Anne Brooke said...

Oh Lordy don't go in tomorrow if it's worse, Sue - you need to think of yourself too! The uni here has already said we'll be closed to anything but essential ops staff and don't come if unless you really really need to - but I'll see how things stand tomorrow. It's really nasty! For cars anyway.

Must go and find that clip - how very Boris! And good idea about the i-player. I never think of that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, Oh my, how much different it is here in Canada when it snows! Yesterday we were presented with the lovely gift of 1 1/2 feet of snow. It was just enough to cover the slick layer of ice we recieved last week. When it snows here we feel like killing the plow operator for filling in the bottom of a driveway we've just spent two hours clearing, as well as snapping the shovel in half. Oh dear God please let spring come soon because I don't think I can possibly stand another snow storm.

Anne Brooke said...

Lordy poor you, Val - every sympathy! Roll on spring for us both!!



get in here said...

I love your blog - so great to read what you are up to. My blog is my distraction. And I agree, we are all nicer when we are up against it!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Insults! Great name, btw ... And ah, if I only knew what I was in fact up to, I'm sure I'd be a better and more civilised person!



sexy said...
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