Monday, October 22, 2007

Wicked fish and the return of the watch

Felt surprisingly upbeat for a Monday – can’t imagine where that unexpected bonus has come from, but hey let’s go with the flow for a while and see what happens eh … Mind you, Lord H and I were in stitches over my attempts to open a can of fish this morning so I could make lunch. The ring-pull made a bid for freedom, which left me attempting to open a rectangular tin using nothing but a dodgy tin-opener, fingernails and my teeth. Don't do that at home, children ... It's amazing both of us survived unscathed.

At work, the first thing I see on my desk is the watch I thought I’d lost last Wednesday – hurrah! So now I have two watches, so will be able to do everything at double-quick speed. Or my life will suddenly go by twice as fast. One of the two. Talking of time, it has been interesting dealing with my newer watch which is significantly smaller than my rediscovered one. Because of this and the consequent need to peer at it in the mornings until my eyes sort themselves out before I can work out what’s happening, I was finding that the concept of time and day were becoming very distant and unimportant somehow. Which made a pleasant change from my usual clock-watcher, stressed-out mentality. Hmm, perhaps this is the way to cultivate my new chilled-out, low blood pressure type personality? All I have to do is get a watch so small I can’t tell the time at all, and I’ll make it to 100.

Ooh, and not only that but the new watch shows Sundays in red on the day slot, which is somehow very charmingly 1950s, so another good reason for keeping it on.

This morning, I finished the minutes I had to do and sent them off to the Chair for checking. Exactly thirty-two seconds (my, how I like to be exact …) after that, said Chair told me they were fine and I could send them out. Which must surely be the quickest ever read of four pages of A4 that I’ve seen … Mmm.

Had an email from the Jane H’s brother (hello, Guy! I thought I’d better mention you, or Jane will never forgive me!) today, as he was wanting to pick Lord H’s financial brains. Lovely to be called Crystal Tips once more (I never thought I’d hear that one again after getting my hair cut to the quick all those years ago …) and, Guy, it just isn’t the same at the Yvonne Arnaud theatre without you! But nice to hear that the bright lights and big smoke are treating you well. My, how Bognor Regis must have changed.

Had a much-needed reflexology session at lunchtime – it seems ages since I was last on the couch (and oh in so many ways!) – which was in fact so relaxing that I think I dozed off twice. Shame I have to go back to work afterwards really. But to avoid disappointment, I have booked a couple more sessions. It’s vital to have something to look forward to on a Monday, you know.

Tonight, I have to brave the terrors of Tesco for the weekly shop, alas (ah now there’s a word you don’t hear often these days), and somehow I have gathered a huge number of items for my list that I absolutely need to buy. So I only hope I can get them all in the car afterwards. And still drive home.

Later on, I might do a bit more to The Bones of Summer, depending how energetic I’m feeling. But my advice is don’t wait up. And – bearing in mind I’ll miss the “Strictly Come Dancing” update due to my shopping schedule – I don’t think there’s much on TV. Woe is me indeed!

Today’s nice things:

1. Having twin watches
2. Reflexology
3. Writing.

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Casdok said...

Hope Tescos was kind to you!!

Anne Brooke said...

Not too bad, thanks, Casdok - just seemed to spend huge amounts of money though!