Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The seven dwarves and an overwhelming need for sherry

Ye gods, but it was all stress city at work this morning – several emails about the appalling inappropriateness (is that even a word??) of my poor little event flyers. Heck, and I was only trying to be helpful! Still, it managed to piss me off from the start of the day, so one hopes it can only get better. I sent back emails saying that at least I was moving from being “disappointing” to being “inappropriate”, which showed some kind of progress. Perhaps the next response to anything I did would be “shocking”. One lives in hope, eh …

Actually, I think people were surprised by the strength of my response, but heck, let them be surprised. Sometimes the university can be so nitpicking and bordering on anal, it might as well be an Olympic sport. Deep deep sigh. Still, since then, people have been nice - relatively - so here’s hoping that lasts too. In the meantime, I have rejigged the bloody flyers until I’m sick of the sight of them and will attempt to get them off my hands this afternoon. I’m also flicking through catalogues looking at free pens we could give to students, so that’s nice.

And poor Ruth has gone home sick, so we’re all living in the twilight zone here. Is that rustling I hear in the undergrowth?... However, the good news is we’ve successfully managed six of the seven dwarves today: I am Bitchy, Grumpy and Cross, and Ruth is Dopey, Sleepy and Sick. Almost the full set then.

This lunchtime, I went to my back exercise course – as I’ve done nothing over the summer at all, this was something of a shock. Should be good for me though – and at least it took me away from my desk for an hour, where anything could happen. And frequently does. Which it did – I’d already got rid of the ruddy flyer’s “inappropriate” content – allegedly, but people really have to take their tongues out of their own bottoms sometimes and live a little, to my mind – and then the boss (who knew perfectly well that I had changed the darn stuff) had to have a final little dig about it. Badly done, I thought – very badly done. I certainly wouldn’t have stirred things up for my staff (when I had staff) like that – just letting things go is a perfectly good managerial strategy on occasion. Trust me. It just goes to show that you can’t really rely on anyone to behave in a humane fashion these days. Least of all the so-called "naice" people. God, they're the worst. And oh how I long for a new job – now ye gods that would be nice.

In fact I was so pissed off that I simply left work at 4.30pm. I just didn't want to speak to any more people, so I told the Dean I was going - and for that reason. And then left. First time I've ever done that but if anything happened between then and 5.30pm, well bloody hell they can sort it themselves. Thank God I don't have to go back till 15th October - and double bollocks but I'm dreading it already.

Tonight, I’m hoping to do some writing, if I can somehow raise the emotional energy for it (don’t wait up then …), and I’ve “Heroes” lined up on TV. Plus a good strong sherry in my sights, thank God. No, make that two.

Today’s nice things:

1. Getting those fucking flyers off my hands!!!
2. TV
3. Sherry – large quantities of …

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Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

aGod, I so empathise with the work situation Anne. Good on you for not letting them get away with it and letting them know what you think - I bet they didn't expect that!

Have a lovely time off and enjoy the thought of them struggling to cope without you.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue - must be these ruddy educational places, eh!!! Bad time of year for us all, sigh ...

I fear they won't even know I'm gone, apart from the stray word I inserted in those flyers of course, cue evil laughter .... (joke only - I wish I'd had the balls for it!!)



Casdok said...

Im sure they will miss you! Even if they dont say it.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Casdok! At the very least, they'll notice how quiet it is!!