Sunday, June 24, 2007

Treading the boards

I wish, eh? I've always rather fancied a life of acting, but I grew too tall. As they don't say really ... Anyway, we've had a marvellous day at The Globe Theatre ( today, in spite of the rain, being mesmerised by Othello. Or rather Iago - who was one hell of a Class A act. Othello? A mere bit part, m'dear. Iago really made it for me - he had us in the palm of his hand. Desdemona was good too - a nice spirit to her and a hell of a lot of fighting back. Which makes way more sense in the text rather than the wimpy woman they often play her as. Or used to - it's years since I last saw it. I must say though that I don't think Othello is that great a play - too fast and everything turns way too quickly, to my mind. It always strikes me that parts need editing and other parts foreshadowing better, but I'm nothing if not critical. As you know! And the mystery of Iago's reasons still continues - though that of course isn't the actor's fault. Takes me back to my university years - and I can still hear some of those lectures being replayed in my head, you know. Ye gods, perhaps I ought to stay in more after all?

Also, much amusement at spotting a "cliche" (sorry, can't be arsed with the accent again) - "a foregone conclusion", "it's neither here nor there", "the green-eyed (or is it "ey'd"?) monster" all spring to mind. And further amusement at Lord H's and my delighted reactions to finally being in The Globe - hey, they filmed "Dr Who" here, you know!! Hmm, we may not have got the point after all ... Still, it's a lovely place, and we'd definitely go again. What bliss to be under cover in a decent position as well, what with all this rain.

It's still been a long day though - and I suspect an early night may call. Though I do have to watch "Rome" - I am hooked once again on this series that has everything I want on my TV: sex, blood, murder, tragedy, sassy & angry women, a truly great male friendship and some hot hot hot lines. Double bliss!

Have just flicked through the latest edition of Poetry Review. Sigh, there was nothing in it that grabbed me. Once more. Why can't they publish poetry that has some humanity in it, rather than these high-falutin', up their own arses pieces?? Lord knows why I subscribe at all really. It's all style and no substance - don't they realise that poems are supposed to communicate something rather than their own cleverness?? No wonder the genre is so unpopular if that's what we expect people to read ... Sometimes, I swear it, poets are their own worst enemies - please God, give us something we can relate to!! Really, it ain't that hard. Or shouldn't be.

Ooh, and Lord H saw a green woodpecker in the garden today. I didn't though - as I was too busy cleaning my super-shiny teeth. Don't worry, this tooth fetish won't last long. I'd give it a week before I'm back to normal ...

And this week's haiku is:

I await Mother.
Brown rice crackles in the pot,
surfaces sparkle.

Today's nice things:

1. The Globe
2. Iago
3. Rome.

Anne Brooke


Jackie Luben said...

We often get a green woodpecker in our garden. They eat the ants in the soil. I'm tempted to invite one in.

By the way, I'm having problems with email, so if you can't get me, try my clara address.


Anne Brooke said...

Sounds great, Jackie! Sorry to hear re email problems though - groan ...