Friday, June 22, 2007

Highlights and faint attempts at scribbling

Had highlights put in today, in order to get that essential summer sun-kissed look - and very nice they are too - if we actually had any sun ... The lovely thing though was that Lynda (hairdresser) had been on holiday with her husband, and both had read A Dangerous Man ( and really enjoyed it. Hurrah! She also said that she'd left it in the hotel library and it had actually been borrowed by someone. Also astonishing. Though I suspect it might have been a member of the American Far Right who will now ritualistically burn it in an attempt to stamp out the sin and evil of the world. Now, that would certainly be some publicity for sure! Though as it also makes for the second straight male reader who's enjoyed the story, maybe there's hope for 21st century tolerance levels after all ...

I've also been attempting to scribble down more to The Bones of Summer, but honestly it's been a hell of a hard slog today. Though I have written an ending, of sorts. I'll probably change it once I actually get there. I just don't have the energy - post-birthday blues, I imagine. Damn it. Just when I needed a bit of emotional get-up-and-go for the horrendously busy weekend which lies ahead. How I long for a weekend where nothing happens, or even an evening in! Though there is tonight - but we have to do the cleaning, and that always puts a dampener on leisure time. Double damn it.

Oh and I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the ballet on Wednesday night - Northern Ballet's version of "Sleeping Beauty". It was great - they set the story on two planets with a political agenda, and had wonderful scenes where the Red Planet visitors would turn up in their space ship and blast off again after decimating the Blue Planet natives. Bliss. A wonderful combination of two of my favourite things - science fiction & ballet. What more could you want? And the scene where the hero and his sidekick were walking through the woods towards the maze was stunning - the trees walked in the opposite direction so the journey looked so much longer. Ace. Oh and I loved the murder scenes and the dance with the knife too. Well, I would, I suppose.

This afternoon, I have to stare at the computer screen again and do a lot of sighing. It's that sort of bollocky writing day indeed. Then, I need to pop into Godalming to get some lavender oil, after which I'm playing golf with Marian - though actually I'm hoping for rain, as I could do with being very antisocial at the moment. Double sigh!

Oh, and I've practised my introductory speech for the Goldenford ( launch event tomorrow one final time. I might take some calming pills tonight, to try to ensure some sleep - how I hate any form of public speaking; honestly it's a nightmare! - though I've already just now taken a Destress pill, so no doubt I shall soon be completely asleep. Lordy lordy, but I must remember to factor in those afternoon naps I used to have, in the days when I was writing more. I really miss them.

Today's nice things:

1. The haircut
2. Lynda and her husband enjoying ADM
3. Writing an ending to The Bones of Summer.

Anne Brooke

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