Friday, December 15, 2006

Shopping and writing

Not quite as snappy a title as the good old "sex and shopping" line, but there you go. Things I bought in Godalming (where I had to be up with the larks to do battle with the Christmas shoppers once more): 2 packets of Epsom salts (for the bath - Grandma was right after all ...); 1 Surrey Advertiser (don't bother - nothing in it); 1 eye test (for next week). Hmm, give a fictional character that combination and they're either a serial killer with an eye problem, or an optician with a gardening fetish. Both of whom would live in Surrey. So no change there then.

Spent most of the morning and the early part of the afternoon sorting out the beginning of the fire element section of "The Gifting". A thousand words later (82,000 now in total) and I have some clues as to where it's going. Phew. And I've started to write the death of one of the characters. How I do so love doing that - the ultimate power: it's mine, all mine, aha! And it sparks up the balance with the remaining characters too, which is also great. Double aha!

Popped into see Gladys late afternoon - summary: talkative but frail. But at least the hearing aid problems seem to have solved themselves. Which is a relief on all sides.

Have just finished the latest edition of "Tears in the Fence" magazine. I thoroughly enjoyed some of the poems and poets - though as usual others left me cold - and there were also two particularly rivetting prose pieces included this time, both of which seized me by the guts and wouldn't let me go. Funny how it wasn't the one about the sex worker and all her many and various activities - a little too obvious for my liking. The ones that had me captive from the first sentence were far more subtle. Punchy too. And yes, that combination can happen.

I've been thinking about communication recently. Had a great time with Jane W last night - we had a good talk about some pretty deep stuff, but then again she's always someone I find I can do that with. Funny how there are only two or three people I feel I could actually talk honestly to, and the rest of the time talking is actually a way (for me) of keeping people at bay. Ha! They're the enemy, don't you know?! On the other hand, writing stuff down enables me to be far more honest and open on a more consistent basis than the voice allows; I always prefer email to the dreaded phone, and certainly prefer writing a blog to seeing people. Hmm. Maybe I am a hermit after all. Parties? Bah, humbug!

Tonight, Lord H is out at his office Christmas party (which has never extended to partners, thank goodness) - he's dreading it, so here's hoping it's not as terrifying as expected. However, the weekend of social interaction for both of us is fast approaching indeed - argh!

Today's nice things:

1. Writing
2. An evening in.

Anne Brooke

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