Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Lordy, lordy, here it is again, eh? A nice lazy start to the morning today, and then I had to nip out to Godalming for some medicines I don't seem to have in the house. Women's troubles - say no more! Just what I didn't ask from Santa. Luckily one of the High Street chemists was open, so it's safe to say that the rest of today and tomorrow will be rather less twitchy than it otherwise would have been. Actually, most of the shops were open and there was actually quite a relaxed atmosphere around. I also desperately tried to find petrol as I only have a spit-full left, but the Sainsbury's petrol station seemed to be having a rather exciting incident involving a fire engine and an abandoned car (never say we're dull in Godalming ...) and the other petrol station had a line of cars right out onto the road, so I didn't bother.

The combination of aforementioned illness and the lack of fuel put me right into tantrum mode (the household wouldn't be the same without Anne's Christmas Tantrum, you know ...), and Lord H is now wearing the cloak of nobility and has gone for another hunt for some petrol. This means he's ahead in the Christmas Hero stakes, but as I've just washed the car and made rum butter, then I must surely be catching up by now. One hopes. Never mind, once we've got the beers open tonight, then all harmony will be restored again. I shall even offer to proof-read his latest theology essay - which has to be in by 31 December, so we'd better be quick. Still, at least we're still able to laugh about how differently we both deal with stress. Ho ho ho.

Tonight, we are distinctly not attending church (hurrah!) and will be having a pagan Christmas in front of the TV. Bliss.

Today's haiku (especially for the season) is:

How has this week been?
Work; sleep; darkness; fog. Slow steps
on the way to God.

Today's nice things:

1. Making rum butter
2. Not attending church
3. Surviving the hell that is Christmas - one hopes.

Happy Christmas to all!

Anne Brooke

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