Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Paranormal Detection Agency: do you believe in ghosts?...

Gay erotic romance The Paranormal Detection Agency is out NOW from Amber Quill Press and at a First Week discount!

When paranormal investigator Jack Atkinson meets new client Aaron Riley, he doesn't expect the level of attraction he instantly feels for the man. Neither does he expect the kind of haunting Aaron describes, which Jack is determined to solve.
After their first official client meeting, the two men launch themselves into a passionate encounter, which Jack is keen to continue. Aaron's attentions, however, are focused on the need to rid himself of the ghosts haunting his new home.
Jack and his trusty assistant and aunt, Miranda, investigate further, and soon discover how family secrets can run deeper than even Jack imagined. Will the truth destroy Jack and Aaron's budding relationship, or are they strong enough to survive it?

Here's an excerpt for you:

“Hi.” Aaron stood on the threshold of my front door. His hands were jammed into his jeans pockets, and he gave me a brief smile. “I’m early, I know, but I hoped it wouldn’t matter.”

I nodded and stood aside to gesture him in. “It doesn’t. Come in. One second while I grab my jacket.”

He frowned. “You’re holding it already.”

Oh, damn. Yes, I was. Some excuse to get him inside then. I really ought to indulge in a little more careful planning one day.

I dropped the jacket like it was on fire, grabbed Aaron by the shoulders and pulled him into the entrance hall. He gasped, but didn’t have time to say anything else because I was already pushing him up against the wall and kissing him.

His lips were soft and warm, and after a couple of seconds, he opened up to let in my tongue. I thought it might be quick and rough, a brief hot kiss before we went to the pub, but it wasn’t.

He moaned softly—or, heck, maybe it was me—as everything between us slowed while we kissed. His fingers stroked my neck, as my hands moved down to rest lightly on his hips. I closed my eyes and simply tasted him, while the beat of my heart continued to thunder in my head.

The kiss went on for a time and then lightened as, fractionally, I eased away. After another few moments, it became just our lips and gentle touches, as if neither of us could bear to lose contact entirely.

It was Aaron who gained the ability to speak first. “We don’t have to go out. We could order a takeaway if you’d prefer.”

It seemed like the best idea I’d heard in a lifetime.

“Please, come to bed,” I whispered.

“Yes,” he said. “Of course.”

Find out more at Amber Quill Press, and keep on the look-out for those ghosts!

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