Friday, June 06, 2014

Garden delights and The Gangster's Wife

The garden is enjoying the sunshine today, so here are some pics.

Wild clematis on the garden fence.

This particular foxglove is now over 6ft tall.

The first of our gazanias is now in bloom and soaking up the sunshine.

The Bowl of Beauty peony is fully in bloom and wonderfully showy.

Red petunias in one of our hanging baskets.

We've managed to save the gerbera from whitefly and it's bloomed again.

In other news, I've finished the first draft of comic novel, The Gangster's Wife. There'll be a lot of editing to do, and I'll change the order round here and there, but it's good to have a complete draft to play with. Particularly after this year, which I've found tough on the writing/publishing front, to say the least - I didn't think I'd ever get round to finishing anything again and it all felt very overwhelming, hey ho. But, heck, somehow I've done it so, even though the book won't score highly on anyone's reading radar, I'm quietly satisfied.

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