Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cherry and Brandy Cupcakes for a cherry and brandy couple

Today's cake is Cherry and Brandy Cupcakes. It's the healthy option as I opted for a glace cherry decoration rather than the Cherry Brandy chocolates as specified in the recipe. I did try to find the pesky chocolates, but they appear not to be around at the moment. Oh well.

The other issue with the recipe is that there's way too much cream. I know nobody ever thought they'd hear me say that, but it's true. There's too much cream. Half the amount would have been fine - I shall try to remember for next time. Also the amount of brandy in the cream means it's definitely not one for children, but my husband doesn't appear to be complaining, hey ho.

Who else would like these? I think they're ideal for Danny and Jake in gay romance A Seasonal Reunion, and they do have a Christmas pizzazz about them which would suit the story in question. To my mind, Danny's the brandy and Jake's the cherry (goodness, how rude!), though it could perfectly well be the other way round, of course …

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