Sunday, November 11, 2012

Apples, loos and erotica

I'm ploughing on with my attempt at NaNoWriMo 2012 and I now have 35,202 words in my new novel, The Apple Picker's Daughter. So, with a bit of luck and the wind behind me, I should reach 50,000 words by the end of the month. Here's hoping.

Talking of wind (as it were) and as someone who was actually born in a toilet - a scene which appears right at the start of my NaNoWriMo novel - I'm thrilled to read about the new South Korea Toilet Park and I very much hope to pay it a call one day. Toilets are hugely important to me and I always judge a place and its inhabitants by the state of its loos. The best ones ever are in Cambio's Restaurant in Guildford and in the main square of Exeter town. Pure bliss, my dears, pure bliss.

Most of this week, I've been doing brave battle with a bit of a tricky cold, but thankfully it's not fully developed into the usual catarrh nightmare and I'm now over it, thank heavens. So I've been able to enjoy Erotica Week at Vulpes Libris, which kicked off with a rerun of my own article about The Secret Life of Sex Writing, before moving on to a surprisingly erotic British film, our take on Fifty Shades of Grey (which, in my view, is actually Jane Eyre with sex - innocent yet determined young gal meets older sexually powerful man and changes his life, anyone?...), and going for the big finish with robot porn. Yes, you heard it here, or rather there, first. Could be the next big thing, you know ...

All this has taken my mind off the disappointing news of the appointment of the next Archbishop, sigh, which I personally think is a real backward step for the cause of women's and gay marriage rights in the church, even deeper sigh. Mind you, as the Anglican church has been - dare I say it? - institutionally homophobic and sexist for many a long year, I'm not really sure what else I expected, hey ho. Despite all that, and putting the minefield of church politics to one side for a moment or two, it's good to be part of Remembrance Sunday today, and to think about our heritage and how we got here for a while. The Anglican Church may not be a terribly worthy example to follow at the current moment, but we do know how to do ritual damn well. Which is at least something.

Finally, a lovely trip to Wisley cheered both K and me up yesterday - the autumn trees were glorious, and I bought a new shrub - a cowberry - for the garden. The red berries are lovely.

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Your host said...

I wasn't surprised by the Archbishop revelation, I couldn't see them going for much of a moderniser really. However, at least this one is in favour of female bishops, which is something. Although gays in the church had better watch out! I loved the way it was told to a few people first, so they could go and bet on the outcome and make some money!

Well done on so many words down already and the month is still so young. I am impressed, I was going to join in, but had other things on my mind, sadly.

Anne Brooke said...

Very true, Jason! Wish I'd known first - I could have won loads! :))

Hope the month gets better for you ...


Keith Jahans said...

Liked the blog. Must visit that toilet in Guildford but they may not allow me in the ladies. Both my wife and son are attempting NaNoWriMo 2012.


Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee, good point, Keith! You can't be too careful. And hope Nano is going well for the family!!

Hugs from me