Sunday, October 28, 2012

Competition, Carlos and cake

Apologies for the bullet point format but I've spent some time writing the post and now Blogger has just lost it all, grr!!

Anyway, here are the key points:

1. I've planted 200 winter pansies this weekend, well gosh.
2. The Delaneys, My Parents and Me is now at 7000 words
3. If you scroll down to my previous blog entry, you can enter a competition to win a free ebook.
4. Yesterday's cake was Victoria Sponge - and very nice it is too!
5. I played my best game of golf all year, hurrah, and also got my flu jab.
6. I've been signed off on Carlos the Cyst.
7. Our paper-white winter narcissi are blooming well and the scent is lovely.
8. Oatibix Bitesize are coming back with no wheat in them, hurrah.
9. My review of Robin Black's short story collection can be found on Thursday's entry at Vulpes Libris Reviews.
10. We had 5 wasps in the bedroom this week, but K fought them off bravely.
11. I had a lovely review of Where You Hurt The Most at Rainbow Book Reviews
12. The cold has begun and I'm wearing my thermals - scary thought ...
13. Had a great time in London with Jane W having drinks and a curry
14. Church seemed to have the longest hymns in history - are they preparing us for Christmas?

Happy Sunday!



Your host said...

Ohh I say. Bullet point post warrants bullet point comment.

That's a lot of words.
Cake sounds nice.
be rid of Carlos.
I've got strawberry flowers.
I thought wasps were long gone at this time of year -
however hurrah for K. I think we could all do with a K.

Good luck for the week ahead.

Anne Brooke said...

Strawberry flowers - fabulous!! Lucky you! :) :)