Sunday, October 14, 2012

Banana cake and prayer

Life News:

Tricky news on the medical front as Carlos the Cyst (AKA Barry the Boil) is back in force on my collarbone, darnit. So far it's not as painful as last year's episode, but a trip to no less than two doctors last week means that I'm going under the knife on Wednesday afternoon. Hurrah, can't wait - as I'm really fed up of carrying around my own personal necklace. As it were. Trust me, it's not a pretty sight and, no, there definitely won't be pictures. Not even of the post-op scars. Apart from those used for training purposes, hey ho. How I always enjoy startling the medical profession.

Turning to more pleasant subjects, this week's cake was St Lucia Banana Cake and I'm very happy with the way it turned out even though I really didn't have enough bananas, oh well. So it's probably more accurately called St Lucia Pineapple Cake, but hey I've got no complaints.

Other pleasant discoveries this week include my washing machine's handwash option which works magnificently and means I don't have to spend hours elbow-deep in suds sorting out my woolly hat, scarf and gloves, hurrah. I also had a very inspirational day at church yesterday looking at Centering Prayer and have learnt a lot which I hope to put into practice in the future. The joy of it was that it was broken down into a series of simple methods rather than having a huge change of lifestyle to take on board, so it might just be do-able. You never know.

Meanwhile, today, K has gained a whole tranche of Husband Points by getting rid of the absolutely enormous wasp which flew into my study. I tell you, it was at least eight feet long, with weapons, and I ran screaming from the room when it arrived with my habitual bravery. Mind you, I was impressed that K's method of dealing with it initially consisted of rushing in with the mallet from the garage. His plan, apparently, was to smash the window and let the wretched beast escape. However, we both came to the conclusion that this might be something of an over-reaction and the mallet remained unused. Phew.

Finally, call me old-fashioned and I do entirely accept that Sir Jimmy Savile might well have been a Very Bad Man AND that any victim of definite abuse needs support, but do not we as a society rely on something along the lines of "Innocent Until Proven Guilty"? Yes, I also accept nothing can ultimately be proven as the man is dead, but surely one should at least wait for a full report from the police?? I do find it rather shocking that people have dropped the word "allegations" and are now acting as if it's been proven beyond all doubt, but actually that can't ever happen. Sorry. And I have to admit that one of the allegations of yesterday when a young handicapped girl said that Savile had abused her by resting a hand on her shoulder, arm and leg "for too long" did make me laugh. Sorry, love, but that ain't abuse. If it were, then surely half the men in the UK would be up before the judge ... Please, people, keep it real ... There may yet be some unfortunate women in England who have been abused by someone other than Savile.

Book News:

This week, I've finally started on the final book in the Delaneys series, which is called The Delaneys, My Parents and Me, and am now about 2,000 words in. Well, gosh.

In the meantime, gay erotic short story Where You Hurt The Most gained a 5-star review at Goodreads, and lesbian erotic collection The Truth About Butterflies received a 4-star review at Amazon US. Thank you to both readers.

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Your host said...

It is bad news about the added life sapping alien living off the goodness of your collar bone, but hey ho, he'll soon be lanced, popped or sliced off and let in a bottle on the mantelpiece.

I'm still in awe of your cake making skills and abilities. I'm so hungry now, just thinking about tucking in to it for my tea.

*waves from Brighton*

Anne Brooke said...

Thank you! Not sure K wants Carlos on the mantelpiece - might be a bit much! Waves back!! :))