Sunday, May 27, 2012

Houses and haikus

Life News:

A lovely weekend with our wonderful Egypt Group friends in Buxton. Had a fabulous get-together and catch-up and also managed to spend the day in Chatsworth on Saturday which was grand. Honestly, the weather couldn't have been better.

On the way up, we also spent some time in Calke Abbey, which is interesting as the National Trust are conserving it rather than restoring it - so you get rooms which are in decay and it has the aura of a dying house caught in time. Fascinating stuff.

This afternoon, K and I have sorted the garden out after having been away. Lovely to see the purple (actually lilac now the flowers are out) rhododendron, and also how large the sunflower shoots are getting. The excitement mounts, eh! And we've had a very nice cup of tea and cake in the summer house whilst listening to the fountain. Country living has much to recommend it indeed ...

Book News:

A lovely review for Where You Hurt The Most at Goodreads - many thanks, Val, who says (amongst other comments):

I am always glad to snap up the latest fiction from Anne Brooke because the writing is flawless - clean, crisp, minimalist, and elegant - and her insight into the reactions between people is profound. This story flows like a cool drink of water. Recommended!

Gosh, many thanks indeed.

The Sunday haiku is:

This blue waterfall
of wisteria magics
dreams from silver air.

Anne Brooke
Gay Reads UK
The Gathandria Fantasy Trilogy
Biblical Fiction UK

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