Thursday, May 31, 2012

Angels, Sauce and sofabeds

Book News:

I'm happy to announce that June is Pride Month, and I'll be taking part in Beth Wylde's Pride Event on both 1st and 2nd June, well gosh. On 1 June I'm part of the British Belles group and I'll be focusing on my gay erotic fiction. Then on 2 June, I switch writer hats and become part of the Untreed Reads group, looking at my lesbian literary & biblical fiction. It'll be a great party and there are lots of giveaways to be won, so get your frocks out and come and join us. Enjoy, and it's a great way to start the Jubilee Weekend!

Gay comic romance Angels and Airheads has been spending a little time in the light this week: the story received a lovely review at The Romance Reviews, and you can also read a very quirky interview with my main character, Ricky. He's a bit daft, bless him, but really you have to love him ...

Keeping to the subject of reviews, gay short story Where You Hurt The Most gained a 4-star review at Goodreads. Many thanks, Melora.

And I'm very excited that my quirky gay romance School for Doms has been accepted for inclusion in the UK GLBT 2012 Meet anthology, Lashings of Sauce. It's due for publication in July, in both ebook and paperback versions. Closer to hand, gay erotic short story The Delaneys At Home (Delaneys *5) will be published this Sunday, hurrah, so perfect Jubilee reading indeed.

Here are the recent meditation poems:

Meditation 660
Desolation glitters
on the earth
as small stars
across a cloudless sky

each quiet sorrow
a pinprick of pain
the endless question of why.

Meditation 661
A quiet return
to who we are

is possible
when we see how far

our lives
only crystallise

not in being alone
in our own self-worth

but in knowing our part
in the richness of earth.

Meditation 662
In the midst
of overwhelming joy
at returning home
from such long exile

there always remains
the puzzling question
of exactly how much
crockery to pack.

Life News:

Much joy this week as our first pink scented rose is now in bloom, well gosh. I'm hoping its friends will join it soon. Plus our Jubilee petunias (red, white and blue) which we grew from plug plants are now flowering beautifully and will be perfect for this big Jubilee weekend. I've put them in hanging baskets and they're ready to be put up. Must get the bunting out too, and maybe even my sparkly headband with flags. Which I bought from the village shop as I simply couldn't resist. Heck, I might even wear it at our street party on Sunday - you never know!

This morning I have been to the doctors for a review of my new anti-depressants. I've been taking the 10mg ones instead of the 20mg ones for a month now, and I think I've generally been more anxious and also lower - though not at the same time, as that just might be a multitasking possibility too far, even for me. But, it could be worse (I was certainly expecting worse!), and she did say today that it would take me a while to get used to it as I'd been on the other ones for so long. So I'll carry on, keep an eye on things and will make an appointment for three months time. Onward and upward, as they say - I hope.

Today, I'm also waiting at home for our lovely new sofabed to be delivered by John Lewis, though it's not arrived yet. The anticipation mounts. We're going to put it in the reading room and, if it works out and we like it, we'll probably get a similar one in a different colour for the music room. So then we'll have somewhere to sit in a comfy manner upstairs plus beds for visitors, should they take their courage in both hands and ever arrive!

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