Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blog Tour Day 6 and the winter garden

Book News:

Here we are at Day 6 of my blog tour, and I'm at Brief Encounter Reviews for the weekend. Today's post is their review of The Heart's Greater Silence, which is an interesting mixed response, so many thanks to PP for raising some fascinating points.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Amara who was the winner of my Amber Allure Spotlight competition yesterday, and so wins The Delaneys and Me, and Entertaining the Delaneys. Happy reading, Amara!

And for the whole of FEBRUARY you can get 25% discount off ALL my Amber Allure titles, so keep yourself warm and cosy throughout the Valentine month - happy shopping.

In addition, literary romance A Woman Like The Sea is currently selling at a 30% discount directly from Untreed Reads, so I hope you give that one a try too. Thank you!

Life News:

In spite of the chill in the weather, K and I have spent a lovely day at The Savill Garden, wandering around and admiring the hellebores, the camellias and the general covering of snow. Thank goodness for the Wellington boot, eh. Lunch in the cafe was greatly appreciated too, especially as they have cappuccino and cupcakes to die for. Mmmmm ....

On the way back, we popped into a couple of garden centres (as you do) and have bought a lot of lavender in the sale, and some Christmas box - which smells utterly glorious. Oh, and I invested in a lavender-scented candle too, so spring in all its splendour is surely in the air. We hope.

Anne Brooke
The Gathandrian Trilogy - still curiously unpopular but it might just grow on you ...
Gay Reads UK - more literary than one would expect
Biblical Fiction UK - where God isn't as odd as he's made out to be, possibly

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