Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Blog Tour Day 3

Book News:

Today, Day 3 of my Blog Tour for The Heart's Greater Silence, you can find me at Amara's Place, where you can read about what animal I'd love to be, and what I'd probably end up being (sigh ...!) - don't forget to leave a comment in order to enter the giveaway competition and let me know what animal you are at the same time. I bet yours beats mine.

Keeping to the theme of gay fiction, I'm delighted to see that short story Give and Take has received two 4-star reviews at Goodreads - one from the lovely Brita Addams, and one from the equally lovely Michi - many thanks indeed to both of you.

Turning briefly to my lesbian literary fiction, I was very happy indeed earlier today to see The Girl in The Painting at No 7 in the Amazon UK gay and lesbian stories chart. Gosh indeedy. I'm delighted it's still selling and I do hope readers are enjoying it.

Here's today's meditation poem:

Meditation 623
Doing what’s good
is so wearisome
when the whispers of evil
excite us

but beware of that call
as evil has teeth
and is likely to turn round
to bite us.

Life News:

Yesterday evening's MAJOR domestic disaster was Bad Me spilling half a glass of our best port all over the lovely cream carpet of my husband's study. Groan ... Well, that'll teach me to all but snatch it out of his hands in order to have a quick taste, won't it ... All those Wife Points lost in one fell swoop, alack and alas. Naturally we rushed into action with stain remover, kitchen towel and water (him) and much weeping (me - well, every drama should have a sound track), and I think we might just have managed to salvage something, but I fear it may never be quite the same again. However, many thanks indeed to all those lovely online folks who have offered essential tips and support, and I will be sure to have all your suggestions in the store cupboard for next time imminent disaster threatens.

This morning, I have attempted to Make A Cake (capitals deliberate as I'm not a natural baker so this is a Big Commitment for me) - well, it's my husband's birthday tomorrow and he said how much he liked the Lemon Drizzle cake I tried to put together a couple of weeks ago, so I am having another stab at it. I must try to claw back those missing Wife Points somehow, you know. I think it'll be okay - though I do appreciate I'm supposed to blend the butter into the mix instead of leaving it in little pieces as my arms were so tired with all that stirring. The result was that halfway through I had to take it out of the oven and pour off the heated butter which was gathering together for safety on top of the cake before it drowned entirely in its own juice. Hmm, it's the thought that counts, I suppose. Still, I shoved some icing on the top to cover my shame, and I'm hoping for the best. Hey ho. I suspect the TV Series, Cooking with Anne, remains a distant dream ...

Tonight, we're off to the theatre to see The King's Speech - I've already seen the DVD, so it will be interesting the live version of it - and will also be the first time K has seen it, so I'm hoping it will be a treat for him. Perhaps it will take his mind off the cake?...

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Prom Queen said...

Stains on carpets are a reminder of lives together, and lives together are much more important than pristine carpets. Not that I practise what I preach of course as I am usually in a state about the mess in our house.

The King's Speech is fantabadoobies. Enjoy it!

Anne Brooke said...

Love it, Prom Queen - thank you!! :)) Off to KS now - can't wait!!