Sunday, October 16, 2011

Riptide, recording and writing

Book News:

Success! I have, at my second try, sold a story to exciting new publisher, Riptide Publishing. It's a literary gay short story about the end of an affair which is now called The Heart's Greater Silence. It should be available in January or February 2012, so I'm thrilled about that and very much looking forward to being a Riptide author.

I've also recorded my second short story for Celtica Radio. This one is called Candy and Catharsis, and is about life, love and desire in a dictionary. Well, you just don't know what those words get up to when you're not looking, you see. I'm lined up to record another story next Saturday, which looks set to be the new routine for a little while, at least.

Meanwhile, you can find my latest writing news at my website, and I'm also happy to say that all my Amber Quill books are now discounted until the end of October at All Romance Ebooks - so even more reason to shop as the autumnal nights draw in.

Much to my amazement, literary lesbian short story, The Girl in the Painting, was at No 36 in the Amazon UK short story charts for a while, so that was very heartening, while it lasted. And I'm happy to announce that Untreed Reads horror books are discounted at Kobo Books, especially for the season. Enjoy!

The latest meditation poem is:

Meditation 576
From beginning
to end
every thought,
act, fear
and dream understood;

his only protection
that quiet
in a God
who is ultimately good.

The Sunday haiku is:

When the work is done
we sit drinking tea: sunshine,
quietness, shadow.

Life News:

Lots of domestic shenanigans this week. Some of our electric sockets failed on Friday, and the phone was dodgy as well, so we had to use lots of cable to plug stuff into other, more distant sockets that did appear to be working. Then last night, we realised there was no hot water or heating as well. Much gnashing of teeth, etc etc, but this morning K has solved everything, hurrah! Apparently we have an RCD system on the electrics (which sadly doesn't stand for Royal Chocolate Dispensary, but something far more technical ...), and when I foolishly spilt water on my Mac keyboard on Friday, the slight change in electricity current caused it to trip and cut off nearby sockets, and the telephone (which did start whining its alarm a second or so after I spilt the water, I have to admit). Goodness, what a sensitive beastie. Lucky it wasn't whisky, eh. I wish. When we tried to sort it out last night by turning all the electrics off, it then stopped the water/heat system which didn't reset afterwards, which we hadn't realised. What drama, eh. So today we are now fully functional in every way and life is warm, cosy and bright again. I'm being extra careful with the water glass too ...

At the same time, K - now fully into his role as Super Husband and Saviour of the Universe - has bought a new cold water pipe for the washing machine as the old one was rather kinked which meant the water couldn't get to it, hence the lack of washing. Mind you, we did have rather a lot of fun in the kitchen (steady, people, steady ...) with the new pipe by using it as a trumpet for a while and yodelling through it (as you do - the sound is fabulous!...) before actually fixing it to the washing machine. Thank goodness for the enormous hedge outside that stops the neighbours looking in. Hmm, perhaps there's a reason for said hedge after all then, and we're wanting to get rid of it too. Hey ho.

Yesterday, I was in work (shock! horror!) in the morning to help staff the Student Support table at the University's open day. We had lots of business and loads of questions about finances understandably, but I have to say the admin was rather traumatic. I'd requested a selection of brochures/info about 4 times and they simply weren't there, groan. So I was actually rather angry and extremely frustrated, as I had to spend half my time frantically photocopying vital information parents need to know and rushing back and forth from the office to do so, and then sourcing other brochures to make up for the gaps we had. So not the best open day experience I've ever had - especially as the w/e ones are organised by me, so the buck stops here. As you might expect, tomorrow I'm going to make every effort to make sure that next week's open day goes rather better. Harrumph.

However, to balance the universal angst, I had a great game of golf with Marian on Friday, and actually won the game, goodness me and put out the bunting. That hasn't happened in a while. Perhaps I've been swopped for a good golfer? The club cafe cook was also super kind as I mentioned there weren't any cupcakes on display while I was paying at the beginning - and when I went back afterwards, she'd made a fresh batch, what a lovely woman! I took four. Mmm, they were amazing - and I even allowed K to have some, so gained essential Wife Points.

This morning we popped into church, and met the actual vicar for the first time. Each time we've been, he's been elsewhere so we've had the stand-in vicar. Conveniently both are called John so it's easy to remember. I enjoyed the service - they factor in quiet moments, which I appreciate so there's time to think or just be still. That said, the tunes for a couple of the hymns had me fooled, but at least they were traditional, which is a relief. One does prefer an organ, as they say ...

This weekend, K and I have been busy in the garden once again, tidying the shrubbery and pruning plants back so the gravel paths are more visible. It does open it out much more so we're quietly pleased with our efforts. We've also planted 3 buddleias in the spaces now available in the shrubbery and I have replanted one of our pots at the front to give it some autumn colour. Lilacs and soft pinks are the way to go. Funny how time flies when you're in the garden - you go out there just to do a couple of small jobs and it's like an addiction so you're actually out there for hours. Bliss.

Anne Brooke
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