Sunday, October 09, 2011

Radio, gardening and golf

Book News:

This week I've had a lovely conversation with Bill Everatt of Celtica Radio, and the upshot is next week I'll be attempting to record one of my literary short stories, The Drive Home, for potential broadcast on one of their programmes. Ah the joys of Skype! Many thanks to Graham Sclater for the tip-off and to Bill for his kindness.

Meanwhile, gay erotic short story, Dating the Delaneys (Delaneys *4), now has new cover art which I'm very pleased with indeed (thank you, Trace). It's due out on Sunday 6 November. And I've finally finished my literary erotic short story, now called The Heart's Greater Silence (possibly), so am in the middle of publication discussions about that one.

I've also updated my philosophical blog, The Thoughtful Corner, and this month's topic is the garden. I hope you enjoy it.

The Sunday haiku is:

The day starts like this:
pain au chocolat and tea.
A perfect morning.

Life News:

Much focus on the garden over the last few days, which I've really enjoyed. K has completed clearing out one of our messier corners (as it were) and I have pruned to within an inch of its life the lavender, the lemon balm, and five large shrubs. We've also planted four new shrubs into the shrubbery (well, it seemed a sensible place ...), and planted up two pots with daffodils and snowdrops. Here's hoping that in the spring they put up a good showing. We've also had two quotes from tree surgeons for removing the two tall trees and two hedges, amongst other items, and are awaiting a third quote later this week. But, goodness me, these things aren't cheap! Hey ho, and who needs to eat anyway?

On Friday, I played golf with Marian as usual - and as usual she won (curses!) but I covered myself with glory on the 9th hole by getting a birdie from off the green. Ha! I am indeed Ms Smug Golfer 2011, in case you hadn't realised. Ah, genius will out, you know. It just doesn't always win, double sigh.

And our weekend breakfasts have been a delight. K went to the Elstead Spar for pain au chocolat and croissants on Saturday and I did the honours today. Bliss. It's how the weekends should be, I can tell you.

Well, apart from the disasters that have struck us. Yesterday, my Mac mail box vanished entirely from sight and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth. However, I threw myself on the mercy of the Apple Mac Help Team, and the delightful and very understanding Kevin talked me through it on a virtual basis. So, I'm now back up, and Kevin has a friend for life. Worrying for him then.

And today, our washing machine cold water connection has thrown a wobbly and utterly flooded the kitchen at a speed that was truly impressive to watch. It took five large towels and one whole kitchen towel roll to clear it up. But, hey, at least the cupboard and floor are now finally clean. K has turned our new indoor water feature off, however, and is getting a new joining thingy (whatever that is) for it tomorrow. These things are indeed a mystery.

Anne Brooke
The Thoughtful Corner

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