Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Canongate Brokeback article, parties and murder

Put out the bunting but I actually managed to get to bed at a reasonable time last night, hurrah! And really it does make all the difference – I feel much more alive today, thank the Lord. Anyway, here’s today’s poem, something of a conundrum in itself, I feel:

Meditation 185

A city ravaged
by music.

I wonder if,
amongst the song
and celebration

when the walls
fall at last,
I will find any

who grieve
for the boundless
destruction of people,

who marvel
in the silent shadows
of the night

how God can wipe out
a culture’s beating heart
with one discordant note.

And I’m thrilled to say that the prĂ©cis version of my article on Brokeback Mountain is now up at the Canongate Literature World Tour site, so thank you for that, Andrea. The Book Foxes and I are all thrilled!

At work, I’m still fiddling around with meeting dates for the year ahead and puzzling over Freshers’ Week arrangements. So something of a normal day then, eh. Quite sad at lunchtime though when we said goodbye to Tasha from Student Advice, who’s going on to bigger and better things. Heck, I’ll really miss her. How I hate it when things change. Thank goodness for my mid-afternoon Starbucks moment – I have no idea how I ever survived without them.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to Midsomer Murders, though I’ll have to video Kate Humble in Who Do You Think You Are on the other side, as I don’t want to miss that. And I’m still mulling over my short story about the letter – which some of you may remember from several weeks ago. Ye gods, but that one’s taking an age to pan out. I’m hoping I might actually finish it before retirement beckons, but you never know.

Today’s nice things:

1. Sleep
2. Poetry
3. The Brokeback article at Canongate
4. Starbucks cappuccino
5. TV.
6. Pondering short stories.

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