Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bones on Amazon, a first review and Torchwood delights

Great news! The Bones of Summer paperback is now available on Amazon UK and I’ve even got my first review from Unique Logophilos, which you can read here. It’s a positive and also very interesting one, and the issues raised are certainly making me think. Thanks, Ann!

I’m also pleased to hear that seven of my meditation poems have been accepted for publication by Ashé Journal, so I’ll look forward to that for sure. Thanks, Sven!

And here’s today’s meditation poem:

Meditation 161

The wolf lurks
in the shadows,

waiting for the smallest hint
of inattention.

His eyes glow yellow
against the dark

and his black coat
would be sleek and warm

on your skin
if he touched you.

I’ve spent some time today marketing Bones now it’s out in the UK – the University have put the information on our intranet too which is lovely, and I’ve emailed a few people with the news. I do hope that anyone who buys it enjoys the read as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Meanwhile, at work, we’re still sweltering in the heat and I’m still pondering the mysteries of Steering Group reviews. I’ve now – with Ruth’s and Andrea’s help (can’t think of these things on my own, you know …) – drafted a couple of pages of questions which includes a table for comments. Tables for comments always look impressive, I think. Well, I hope so anyway.

Managed to slob by the lake again at lunchtime as any concept of walking anywhere is totally beyond me. I’ve just finished reading Annie Proulx’ Brokeback Mountain in preparation for writing a piece comparing it with the film for the upcoming Adaptation Week at Vulpes Libris. Honestly, it’s such a raw, strong and lyrical short story – I’ve read it so many times already and yet it still makes me feel utterly and totally shattered. In a good way. Lots of food for thought there then. My next task, and another pleasurable one: watching the Brokeback Mountain DVD again. Ah, it’s a tough job, eh, but somebody’s got to do it …

I’ve been creating a poster for our upcoming University event with Charles Christian, so I’ve sent that off to the English Department for their input. The actual date isn’t till October but I like to get ahead – particularly as September will be so horrendously busy here at the educational frontline that we might not even have time to breathe ...

I also mustn’t forget that the first of this week’s three Torchwood radio plays is on this afternoon, so I’m planning to catch up with it on i-player tonight. Am also hoping to do a few more notes on The Gifting in the ongoing pre-edit, though I have to admit it’s going very slowly at the moment. It’s just too hot to be quick at anything. And I'm aiming to see Ugly Betty later on too, hurrah!

Today’s nice things:

1. The Bones of Summer at Amazon UK
2. Review for Bones
3. Poetry acceptance
4. Poetry writing
5. Marketing
6. Thinking about Brokeback Mountain
7. Making posters
8. Torchwood
9. Pre-editing
10. TV.

Anne Brooke - living and breathing books at the moment ...

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