Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dry toast and Wallander

Must admit to another rough night last night - my ears were pretty bad again, and there were a couple of really dodgy moments, but I am taking my new pills and the highest dose of Sinutab tablets I'm allowed, and this morning I managed to eat a slice of dry toast. So I think that's progress. Slow progress, I admit, but at least it's there. Plus I had one hour's sleep last night and another hour this afternoon. Oh and there's been more sneezing which looks hopeful.

Mind you, all these extra hours I'm finding in my day means I'm whipping through my Wallander novels at super-speedy rates. First, The Dogs of Riga is the one where Wallander spends a lot of time in Latvia and I remember Lord H complained about the unaccountable lack of weather references. Obviously the weather is only important in Sweden and not in other countries. But I think I'm getting it now. The weather is also an indication of Wallander's state of mind - ah, pathetic fallacy is a marvellous thing (ie weather equals emotion). And the style of writing and Wallander himself grows on me more and more. He thinks a lot and goes with the flow of his own puzzlement and faults. I like that. It's the most political plot I've read so far though.

For my second, it was Firewall (the one that's been on TV, and the cover has a rather fetching piccie of the totally adorable Ken Branagh on it so what more can you want?) and that's been my favourite so far. Deep and complex and gripping, with very elegant ebbs and flows of plot. And the weather references have returned in full, hurrah! Bring on that Swedish snow, eh ... Also I sympathise with Wallander extra specially at the moment, as he's constantly getting flu or worrying about getting flu. Ah, I know what that feels like, Mr W.

This afternoon, I've had fun watching the Grand National - third time lucky on the start and a fun gallop round. Nice to see a first-timer in the race (both horse and jockey) winning too. A triumph for the underdog never goes amiss. At least not in this culture. Ooh and Lord H has come back from the shops with another Wallander novel, as he feared I was running short of them. What a hero.

Tonight, it's Primeval (can't wait) and another night on the sofa, I feel. I still don't feel confident about sleeping in the bedroom as horizontal isn't good plus it's the coldest room in the flat. I fear Lord H will forget what I look like entirely, you know.

Today's nice things:

1. Toast
2. Sneezing
3. Wallander novels x2
4. The Grand National
5. TV.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website - hoping she's not toast ... yet


Graeme K Talboys said...

Yay! Primeval is back. All's well with the world. Well, not really, but you can't beat a good romp with dinosaurs. Er... Hmm. Better rephrase that.

Hope the icky fluey yucky thing goes soon.

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you my dear Anne are suffering from sinus infection. Is this so? I went through a year once of being sick with every flu, cold, sinus infection going until I took some vitamin B6. Please take better care of yourself. HUGS

Anne Brooke said...

I know - it was great! Thanks for the good wishes, both - I must try some B6, Val.