Friday, October 24, 2008

Godalming excitements and a writing landmark

Goodness me - the sleepy town of Godalming has this week woken up and joined the modern age. Well, as much as we in the shires can, of course. We've had our first murder since ... well, probably somewhere around 1853 or some such year (which is probably nearly supper-time in this digital age). Which is horrific news for the victim and loved ones, of course, but great news for the Godalming edition of the Surrey Advertiser, who are obviously hugely excited about it. BIG front-page spread, and all that jazz. The poor victim was killed at home, but at least they've arrested somebody for it. Anyway, it's the first time the local Surrey Ad have had any decent news since the infamous Rabbit Woman of Godalming episode, Gawd bless 'er. Naturally they are making the most of it.

Not only that, but our first town lottery opens for business next week (hurrah!) and the Go Godalming Group (yes, that really is its name ...) is very proud about that too. BIG Page Two spread in the local rag! Gambling and death - it all happens here, you know. I'm tempted to buy a ticket and see if I can win, but as the top prize money is no more than £1000, I don't think it will change my life ... In the meantime, I'm putting the door on the chain and not letting anyone suspicious into the flat. So Lord H might have to eat his pizza in the shared hallway tonight ...

I've also played golf for the first time since the operation. The good thing was we saw a rather lovely green woodpecker, which was an added bonus to the morning. But, in terms of the game, I was frankly appalling and only managed to beat Marian by one point. One point! Ah, the shame ... I fear I can't blame my stitches either, as they weren't hurting one jot. I was just rubbish. Talking of stitches however, I wonder when they're supposed to melt away? - after all, it's been two weeks now and I'd have thought they'd be getting bored. The one on my right side looks like it might have pretensions to be the beginning of a rather nifty scarf too. Hmm, could be handy in winter.

Meanwhile, it's time to hang out some more bunting, as I've reached the landmark figure of 50,000 words in Hallsfoot's Battle, hurrah! It almost feels like I might even be writing a novel now I'm there, rather than just a series of disjointed meandering scribblings. I just have to work out where I go next, ho ho. Still, only another 70,000 words to go and I'll have a BIG pile of gubbins to edit. Double hurrahs, but fainter ones ...

Tonight, I've got an evening's TV viewing planned, though I suppose we ought to do some kind of housework, just to show willing. Plus I've got another pile of ironing to gaze at for a while (and probably not do). Hell, maybe it's time the crumpled look came back? Though, in my case, it's probably never really gone away.

Today's nice things:

1. The Godalming lottery
2. Golf (even if bad)
3. Seeing a green woodpecker
4. Getting to 50,000 words with Hallsfoot
5. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Jilly said...

Oh dear - it's definitely not good if murder has reached Godalming. We're a bit the same round here - hardly anything really dreadful like murder.

Anne Brooke said...

I know - the slippery slope, Jilly!