Monday, February 27, 2006

Team/Personal Development Day

Hectic day at work. Sorted out the zillions of emails that appear to have landed in my inbox over the weekend. Then started my plethora of meetings - the first being to sort out a new Healthy Living leaflet for our students, or at least begin to; the second the usual Care Services Steering Group - though not many there this session; and the afternoon was focusing on the next stage of our team/personal development programme. All good stuff, especially the afternoon, but I was getting twitchy about not being able to start my minutes, especially as there's another meeting tomorrow to do, and another on Friday, with a week's holiday coming up fast. The terror of falling behind drives me. One of the cons of working part-time - people still think you're full-time somehow and expect you to fit it all in. Well, it's hard, and sometimes it's by the skin of my teeth.

No writing/editing of anything done this evening. Too exhausted from the weekend. Besides, there's "Life on Mars" on television - the last episode and I'm too hooked to miss that. Still, a couple of people have left positive comments on the uploaded section of the next part of "The Gifting" on the Writewords site (, so that's always a boost.

The DSJT Charitable Trust have confirmed that I can indeed bring both my mother and my aunt to the writing award ceremony in Harrogate in May - that's a relief, as I was beginning to think I'd have to not eat the buffet lunch so they could both come. If I win anything next year, I'll have to be careful not to promise them both a trip out!

A former colleague popped in to visit us today - lovely to see her, but it's astonishing how much things move on. And how hard it is to think what she might now be interested in hearing about.

Managed to get my first Touch for Health ( appointment this Wednesday when I have an unexpected day off - the lady who does it sounds very nice, so I hope it will be an enjoyable experience. Must admit to being a little nervous though - especially as it's in a town I don't know and I hate travelling to new places. And finding somewhere to park. My, what a wimp I am.

One of my work colleagues is running in the London Marathon for WaterAid this year, so made sure I did my bit for sponsorship. A braver soul than me indeed!

Anne Brooke

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