Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saturday 4 February 2006

Not much writing done today, but hey everyone needs a break. Had a glorious Clarins facial this morning - my monthly treat - and followed it up by a last minute shopping session for an outfit for a civil partnership ceremony I'm attending in a couple of weeks' time. Luckily managed to get a wonderful green velvet long jacket from Debenham's, which I can match with one of two green tee-shirts (different shades - contrary to what my closest friends think, I can occasionally understand colour ...) and my posh black trousers. Will probably look like Oscar Wilde, but surely that will somehow be fitting.

Then a frantic house-clean to show willing and into the weekend. Can't miss "Monk" which, thank goodness has returned to us after a brief absence. And this evening it's "Sea of Souls" - ghostly tosh with class. I love it. And it will take my mind off the mound of ironing I need to do. And of course I have the regular Friday night American comedy diet to catch up on after last night's theatre trip to "Lysistrata" - not the best production in the world but cleverly modernised and the schoolchildren were having a riot. And it's always good to see large balloons used as makeshift penises - the original "Carry On" indeed. Plus ca change.

Anne Brooke

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