Saturday, November 30, 2013

Illness and discounts

Life News:

I've been ill for about 3 weeks with a flu-type virus and it's not been terribly pleasant, so probably best not to revisit it. Suffice it to say I've recovered now and am eating again, hurrah. As a result of watching mindless TV all day, I'm also now addicted to property programmes and can't get enough of them, hey ho.

Yesterday, I went back to baking, and think I'm on to something of a winner with these Cherry and Brandy cupcakes. Definitely not for the children, and they taste amazing, so will be making those again for sure.

This morning, I've had a haircut so am now looking really quite stylish for the Christmas dinner at K's new workplace. The first turkey of the season, here I come ...

Book News:

A couple of nice reviews for gay erotic romance Taking A Chance have turned up this week. There's a 4-star review at MM Good Book Reviews:

"This is the first book I've read by Anne Brooke. It will not be the last! The author captures the essence of sensuality in so few pages. The way David dominated Benjamin with zero cruelty and played his body in ways Benjamin had never been played was just oh so sexy. I tore through this book on my lunch break. If you're looking for something quick and sexy that will leave a huge smile on your face, take a chance on this one!"

And another 4-star review at Pants Off Reviews, though they didn't like the ending much, ah well:

"David is very upfront and clear about his intentions for Benjamin, so much that he surprises me too. On the other hand, Benjamin is totally unprepared for David's questions about his sexual activity. However, Benjamin is straightforward and honest with his answers that it's refreshing to read the dialogue. It all makes this book a fun read."

Many thanks to both reviewers for their comments.

Finally, until 3 December, there's a 30% discount on all my Wilde City Press books (including Taking A Chance) - just add the code WILDETURKEY at the checkout. Happy reading!

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