Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gifting news and a 999 call

Book News

Epic gay-themed fantasy The Gifting has finally become a free book at Amazon (hurrah!) and has been reaping the benefits. This week, it's briefly been No 1 in the Amazon Germany Gay & Lesbian charts, No 5 in the Amazon US Sword & Sorcery charts, and No 10 in the Amazon UK Gay & Lesbian charts, well gosh.

It's also gained a 5-star review at Goodreads:

"Wow. Such a good read. Starts out slow, but by the end it's epic":

Goodness, thank you. "Start out slow, but end up epic" is the story of my life, I hope ... Well, I've always been a (very) late developer but I get there in the end. If the wind's in the right direction.

Much excitement, meanwhile, over at Free Ebooks, where The Gifting has now had 999 downloads. I hope some lovely person out there might get me to the grand total of 1000, which will be wonderful - thank you! I will be eternally grateful.

Not to be outdone, Hallsfoot's Battle, the second book in the Gathandrian Trilogy, was at No 48 in the Amazon US Sword & Sorcery chart, so that was quite a boost too. Thank you to all you downloaders out there - it's very much appreciated.

I'm also happy to say that erotic romance How To Eat Fruit gained a 5-star review at Amazon US:

"a truly intimate and wistful experience that remains long after you've finished reading it."

Many thanks for those words, Fred.

Over at Untreed Reads, if you buy a copy of bisexual literary thriller Thorn in The Flesh, you get another of my books absolutely free! So do pop across and grab yourself a bargain or two - happy shopping.

I've also updated the Latest News section of my website, so you can see what's coming up in the near future, including a gay thriller, gay BDSM romance, and a romantic comedy. Never say I don't keep busy, eh.

Life News:

I've had a cold for most of the beginning of this week, but have managed to fight it off using a combination of Lemsip and Echinacea pills, thank goodness. At least I've not had the usual sleepless nights and vomiting combo that traditionally has dogged my heels, so good news there for sure.

And the end of this week has finally brought the official announcement at work that at the beginning of September I'm to move divisions and be PA to the new Deputy Registrar at the university, so I'm thrilled about that. It'll give me a whole new view of what goes on, so should be fascinating. Mind you, I'll miss working in Student Support - where I've been for 9 years, so the longest I've been anywhere really. Actually, I've been "unofficially" working for the new Deputy Registrar for a few weeks now as my Student Support boss prepares to go to new pastures on 6 September, but it's going to be so lovely to stop telling everyone who asks me that I can't tell them anything yet, but thank you for asking! Now I can tell them something, which will be nice.

Yesterday's cake was Victoria Sponge, which has turned out well. I'll definitely be making that one again - though whatever I do it will never ever be as good as those my Grandma and Great Aunt used to make which were heaven on earth.

And I'm very happy indeed with my African Violet which is going great guns, even though it's in the shadiest place in the house. Every time I move it to somewhere sunny that it's supposed to like, it gets upset and I have to move it back. It's obviously got a mind of its own.

Today at church we had the misfortune to sing not one, but two Kendrick numbers - which are always guaranteed to put us in a bad spiritual mood, groan. I have therefore decided to start Tidy Church - where all messy modern scansion will be banned, hey ho. And there will always - always! - be a decent rhyme scheme.

So, I leave you with two lovely cartoons, which - for me - say it all:

Happy Sunday!

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