Monday, April 15, 2013

Bestsellers and bargains galore

Book News:

Goodness me, lots going on this week. I'm pleased to say that gay thriller Maloney's Law is now available from Amazon UK, Amazon US and All Romance Ebooks, where it's already one of their bestsellers.

It's also received a couple of reviews, one from Rainbow Reviews, which comments:

"Maloney’s Law by Anne Brooke is a gay romance and mystery. It’s also a dark, deep, and poetic gay romance and mystery. I confess I love novels written in the first person and present tense, but I also know it’s quite difficult to write them well. But not, apparently, for Brooke. Her Maloney’s Law is exceptionally well-written."

And there's another re-released review from Well Read Reviews, so thank you to Jen for that.

Meanwhile, over at Brief Encounter Reviews, The Delaneys, My Parents and Me are also having their turn in the sun, where Jen says:

"If you haven’t started the series yet, and you like m/m/m stories then I would recommend that you read this series, as I’m sure you’ll love the Delaneys and Liam as much as I have."

Not to be outdone, Where You Hurt The Most also had a review from ARe Cafe Reviews which I've only just picked up on. They say:

"I am always glad to snap up the latest fiction from Anne Brooke because the writing is flawless – clean, crisp, minimalist, and elegant – and her insight into the interactions between people is profound. This story fulfills both expectations."

Gosh, that's nice. Thank you!

Over at Amber Allure Press, gay comic romance, Who Moved My Holepunch? appears, alongside The Delaneys, My Parents and Me, in the March bestsellers charts - so it's really lovely to have two in the charts at once. Many thanks to those people buying my books, and I hope you're enjoying them.

This week, my surreal comedy Candy and Catharsis - about the love-life of a dictionary - has also been published by Untreed Reads. Here's the blurb:

"Love is possible even in the most surprising of settings. When dictionary-dweller and word-about-town Catharsis falls madly in love with good-time-gal Candy, it changes everything he ever thought he knew about the literary life.

Helped by his closest word-friends and neighbours, Catharsis sets out, determined to meet the word-woman of his dreams and declare to her his undying passion. However, in a journey beset with difficulties and dangerous detours, will he ever find Candy? And, even if he does, can the course of true love ever really run smooth?"

And, at the moment, if you buy this book, then you get another one FREE. What could be nicer?... Not only that, but if you buy bisexual thriller Thorn in The Flesh direct from Untreed Reads, then you can pick another story up for FREE. Happy reading!

Life News:

During the week, I was sorry to hear about the death of Maggie Thatcher, one of the great women and great politicians of our time. You can read my reactions, written with a literary focus, here. RIP Our Maggie.

Closer to home, K has been involved with the Players of Elstead Theatrical Society, making his debut performance in their very funny farce, An Eye For An Eye, Darling. I went twice, and it was fantastic - a star is born, I'm sure! I can't wait for the next play, later this year. Though I have to admit it's nice to have our living room artwork home - as they were used for the set!

Meanwhile, the barn owl is back (hurrah!) and after five weeks of having the goldfinch food on the bird-feeder with nary a goldfinch, we finally have two goldfinches who are making regular visits, double hurrahs. It's lovely to see them here.

Over at The Angry Anglican, I achieve a full Anger Rating in my response to the Church of England telling me that Equal Marriage is the Work of The Devil, harrumph.

On a far nicer note, this week's baking endeavours were Maple Syrup and Pecan cupcakes which actually worked, and very tasty they are too.

And the dwarf tulips are coming up in the garden and look absolutely stunning. Spring has sprung at last!

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