Sunday, August 14, 2011

Celebrations and crocodiles

Book News:

I'm very happy (in fact so happy that when I first read it I was actually crying, how embarrassing is that ...) to say that fantasy novel The Gifting has gained a very thoughtful 4-star review at Top2Bottom Reviews (so thank you, Lisa, for that one). I'm also thrilled that the novel has been the subject of a radio feature by journalist and writer, Graham Sclater (thank you, Graham) which you can listen to via my Latest News webpage.

And here's the latest few lines from The Gifting:

Even then success seems so unlikely. Given the circumstances. Given the man who is supposed to save them.

There's also been a 4-star review at Goodreads for A Dangerous Man - so thank you for that, C.S. Much appreciated.

Meanwhile, there's still time to sign up for my quarterly newsletter, which includes my latest writing news, upcoming treats, exclusive fiction and free giveaways, and a snappy quote or two from the great and the not so great, so what could be better? The first newsletter will wing its way to subscribers later next week, so book early to avoid disappointment ...

This week's meditation poem is:

Meditation 558
In spring great princes
go to war.
It’s how they mark
the season.

I would have thought
a calming stroll
gives life
a better reason.

The Sunday haiku is:

Happy sunflowers
dance inside the shining air.
Summer's best reward

Life News:

K and I visited our soon-to-be new home in Elstead on Friday to measure up and sort out what goes where when we move in - in three weeks' time! It was fantastic to see the place again and - hurrah! - we still both really love it. Honestly I found it hard to tear myself away and I simply can't wait to get there for real. 1st September can't come fast enough ...

Yesterday, we paid a visit to Mother down in deepest Essex, and actually it went quite well. Must be the extra calming pills I took before we set off, ho ho. Or maybe I'm mellowing with my advancing years. Don't answer that. And this afternoon, we've spent a glorious afternoon helping my golfing partner Marian celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (she was a child bride, you know ...) with an utterly glorious tea party. Goodness me, how English I sound sometimes. Would someone pass me the cucumber sandwiches?... The cake made by her daughter Jane was to die for - and I praised it so much and looked so sad when my slice was gone that the merciful Jane cut a portion of it for me to take away. What a superstar. Ah, there's method in my madness, you know ... One day I'll grow up to be nearly as devious as my mother. Surely not, we cry!

Finally, I can't end without saying how incredibly wonderful I thought Channel Five's Croc Man was earlier this week. Really, how can anyone resist a good-looking man who collects crocodiles? If he ever gets that zoo of his open, I am so definitely there. Piercing blue eyes and that essential hint of imminent death - really, what could be more thrilling?...

Anne Brooke
The Thoughtful Corner


Jason Shaw said...

What a super weekend its been, great reviews, happy meetings and celebrations with cake - can life get much better than that?

Hope the week and end this will be just as fine.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jason! Hope you have a totally fabulous end of week also - and beyond!

Hugs galore


Nicci said...

I think I hear a huge smile in your voice. Happy reviews!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Nicci! :))