Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heat waves and haikus

Life news:

Lordy, but it's hot. England isn't used to it, you know. I swear we have all the windows open and there ain't nothing coming in. Apart from ruddy insects. Damn things. Still, shouldn't complain. We're usually knee-deep in rain so actually having a summer is a very pleasant change.

Had a lovely day with Sue & Peter (hello, both!) at Langford Lakes in Wiltshire yesterday - great to catch up and the weather was stunning. It's a lovely place too, all the more so as we - strangely - appeared to be the only ones there, or almost. Was it something to do with everyone else watching sport? All very odd ... Whilst there, we caught sight of several wonderful tiger moths, which were really beautiful, though the body was much redder than the image there. Or possibly it was one very active tiger moth. Who can say? All very nice anyway.

Book news:

Several nice chart listings this week, with Martin and The Wolf being briefly at No 75 in the Amazon Kindle Gay Fiction charts and The Delaneys and Me being at No 86. And I was thrilled to see that Maloney's Law was included in Cassandra Gold's Top 10 GLBT fiction reads list which you can find here. Many thanks for that, Cassandra - a great surprise!

The next section of The Prayer Seeker's Journal is now uploaded and you can find that here, should you so wish.

This week's poetry is:

Meditation 373
When the wars
and the women,

the lies, the love
and the lechery

are done,
God remains still

his cloudless dawn,
the deep sparkle of rain

on the thirsty fields
of the heart.

Meditation 374
Josheb of Tachemon
killed eight hundred men
with his spear;

that’s a hell of a battle
and a hell
of a weapon, it’s clear.

This week's haiku:

It's impossible
to displace from my shoulders
this black, snarling dog.

Anne Brooke
The Prayer Seeker's Journal


S.M.Bidwell said...

Yes, it's hot. Would you believe we mad things went for a walk this morning, though earlier before it got 'too' hot. I think you need to write a football haiku -- I'm sitting here while my friends all shout at the TV around me. LOL.

Anne Brooke said...

You fool!! :)) Get in the cold shower at once - it's way too hot for walking at whatever time!!

And football - is it on then??